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What's your thoughts on this relatively new movement, featuring films like High Tension, Baise Moi, and Martyrs? I haven't seen too many films in this genre but the ones I have seen were obviously quite impactful.

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"New French..."
whatever, they already surrendered.
OK, they're pretty good on poodles and symbolic phallic symbolism.  And they do make some nice pastries.

[edit- no insult to you Theli, just a joke]

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I love the brutality of the films. Martyrs, Frontiers, High tension, Inside. etc...   All quite memorable films, and impactful. Not often do I cringe , or turn away, but all the aforementioned films had me doing just that.

When it comes to horror movies; my favorite kind to watch are those that are brutal. Films that portray the true evils of the real world. Ones that leave a bad taste in your mouth. Ones that make you want to punch the villain(s) in the mouth, and make you feel truly bad for the victims.

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Just one thing to say... in-FREAKING-side!!!!
Sickest movie EVER along A Serbian Film. The scissors in the belly and in her hand man, INSANELY SICK!!!!

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Didn't like Inside or Frontieres that much but Martyrs is in my top 10 horror films of all time - it's quite unique - its detractors would describe it as a 'torture-porn' film; this is arguable, but at least its one with some depth behind its brutal imagery and impact unlike the 'look at that GROSS! melted eye!' Hostel. Switchblade Romance is another good one that grew on me on a second watch.

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Always found that title funny Switchblade Romance... What the???
MUCH, MUCH better High Tension IMO...

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High Tension is alright, but the twist at the end lowered it a few points.

I've never seen Martyrs (I've heard its really good, but the premise doesn't interest me much), but I do like Inside. I tend to like movies where the killer is female, because it's so rare, especially in horror.

I haven't seen Frontiers either, I need to get around to seeing it.

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I haven't seen Frontiers or Inside yet, but want to see both. I loved Martyrs, it was both disturbing and thought provoking. High Tension I wasn't blown away by, but I didn't hate it either.

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My all times favorite french Horror flick with not only crazy violent and extremely brutal gore but also insanely excellent acting. These two girls are just brilliant in their characters...

You'll love it I'm sure if you liked Martyrs. smile