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I am starting my Halloween Challenge tomorow.

It will be 40 days of horror movie,   I have not  a horror movie for almost two weeks now, that one of longest break in long time lol

Well my brother did get married last week and now I have new sister in law, who as moved in and dose not like Horror movies at all but loves True blood lol ?

Back to the topic 

I going to start with the movie I got today for £1 today

Seconds Apart (2011)

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Awesome Bassi!  Have fun.  Congrats on the new sis in law, but hopefully she comes around soon and starts liking good movies.  smile

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Excellent. I'm looking forward to reading your entries, Bassi! smile

I might just do the thirty-one day horror movie challenge for October.

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Day 1

Seconds Apart (2011) It's be on my watch list for a bit and I was did not expect get this movie for one pound, It's was decent movie for one pound that for sure.

I liked the twins was doing the same thing at the same time at the start of the movie, it makes feel bit more creepy.

As the movies goes on, it kind of losses the creepy of the movie but get bit stranger and can get a bit confused in few scenes,

Your watching it but not sure what really going on at times also I enjoyed how twins mess with victims but at the same they are also messing with us.

That decent curve in story, I didn't not see coming at all, after that, the movie felt a little to rused.

I do think this movie could have been a lot longer, there decent stuff, which I don't they used to full potential.

6 out of 10  - I got it  for £1 so I not complaning smile

Also just got back from seeing

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

I didn't mind the first movie, I didn't think it all that great but I did enjoy the first half of the movie before the second have of the movie.

Well this movie dose not fall in the same area, as the movie felt the kind of the same all from the start to the end

I didn't  really find it scary or creepy at all but I do think some of scace scenes were to bit radom and a little to funny.

Also what I did not about this movie. was that it  had far to many funny moment, which takes away any of creepness the movie had. 

There lot people in cinema (People as young as 6, who seating in front seat) was half packed room and I did not hear or see anyone jump but I did hear a lot of people laughing  after the jokes.   

Well I heard some people clapping after ending of the movie but most people were annoyed with the ending. 

I going to give this movie the same ratting I gave the first movie 5/10

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Day 2

Lost signal (2007) 

AA couple have just left a new years eve party and then on the trip, they both start feel stranger

Tiff are hearing voices and while Kevin were see things as fuzzy, well I also found the movie to be very fuzzy as well.

As the movie goes on, you not really what is really going one, it really happening, or it is all in their head?

Well it's wasn't all bad, there some parts of the movie that enjoyed but I found most of the movie to be a bit annoying.

There were some decent turns and twist that makes sense before the last scenes but I didn't not get the last twist at the end however it's did surprise me but It's didn't really make sense.

The movie leaves you hanging and without explaining the last scenes.

4 out of 10 worthing watching a least one time.

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Nice start up bro.

Seconds Apart is very entertaining and well done I've found. Loved the characters and the story line.

Keep having fun and a great 40 days. smile

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Day 3

I've been waiting for you (1998)

Well, It Sounded a bit like scream but with bit witches added to it.
The masked wasn't to bad but I found it more funny then scary.

The movie it self wasn't all that gory or scary however it still
intruded me from start to end,

With these you can't' tell who the killer is from their first scenes
but I did enjoy those funny witches scenes. which I found a bit funny,
I don't think that was intended.

The acting wasn't all that bad. not great but decent for a TV movie. I
didn't really liked how it was all revealed out.

The last scene kinds of leaves you hanging. I did here there was meant
another to sequel to this movie. which would have explained the last

5 out of 10

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I have been abstaining from horror movies all summer. Well not really but I tried to watch less of them and save some I haven't watched. I am planning on watching one for each day of October, so I'll join you then.

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Yeah, I recommanded your thread to some dude looking for fun flicks.
Think he'll live happy here. wink

Might as well stick DirtyGrirl's Movie A Day thread in here.
I'll follow along with weirder stuff that's for damn freaking sure as ALL H3LL!!! lol … 29#p673529

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Curse of Chucky (2013)

It's been a very long time since we see this killer doll. boy I have I missed him,  Chucky is BACK and his better  then EVER!

This is the movie  that I  have been dying to see more then any horror movie that as come out this year or even too come out.

And it's was NOT a Let down,  it was fricking fantactic from start too the VERY!!! end of the Credits.

This movie was filled of suspense thoughout, I found this movie even more suspense l then first child play movie.

Added to the suspense with some very cool bloodly gory deaths in this movie, not as gory as Bride of Chucky but not far of it.

I loved that gave a bit of  a back story to first child's play movie and also it connect to yet another movie as well.

There were two things that may bother people is that, girl goes missing for part of the movie, is never fully explaned were she went or when.

Also Chucky faces change can be very odd, in  the same scenes, that is the only down side to this movie.

I loved the ending of the movie also DO NOT TURN OF THE MOVIE before end of Credits

End of the credits scene IS A MUST SEE! for all horror fans !

The acting was great from the main cast, some extra was not that good!

9 out of 10,  Second best in the series

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Oh that's very cool to hear. Big fan of Chucky here. Gotta get it sooner now... Off to search. big_smile

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Day 5

Nosferatu (1922)

First time watch one, This is the oldest movie that I have seen now,  I have been putting this off a few times as I have never seen Silent movie in full before and I not to keen on Vamps movie.

Yesterday I did try to watch this in early morning before work but I  could not get into for some reason , I did turn it off about 20 mintues into the movie.

When I got back from work, I gave it another go in full this time.

For being first Vampire movie, it was really good and some very cool creepy moments in this movie. I loved those shadow scenes. 

The vampire it's self was really creepy for time and for a PG movie and I didn't mind the whole reading scenes but when they were writing, I could not make some of handwriting which did bother me also I didn't like how scene were moved very slowly, It knida of annoying. 

I don't think it was intended but I found the chase near the very end very funny and the ending was okay-ish for time.

7 out of 10 it's was really good movie

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Day 6

White Zombie (1932)

Well, I am not to sure what to make of this movie, it's very odd movie, I did not find creepy or scary at all.

I could not get into this movie at all, those eyes starting scenes may be creepy back then but I could not help but brust out laughing.

I found most of the movie really funny,

Not sure what to rate it at the moment!

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Try and step back way waay waaayyy into the 30s.  Remember that few people saw any kind of "spooky" on the screen back then.  Back in the 50s my parents (as teenagers) were trilled by all the dumb "radioactive giant monster animals" stuff.

You can rate as how you see it now, or try an extrapolate to way back then.

I'm gonna shut up now.

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White Zombie didn't quite have the same effect as it's larger budget brethren at Universal, but it was a decent flick.

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Day 7
The Living Ghost (1942) 

This movie also know as     Lend Me Your Ear (1942), it sound Like something I would really enjoy.

I saw this late last nigh, it was not long movie at all, this movie was more of Mystery then horror movie.

The whole movie was about find out who the killer and attack was, there no really creepy or intenst moment in this movie.

I did like it, when one people who have been attacked, start to act like Zombie at times , really enjoyed those scenes.

With any really scary or creepy, you think I will not like but, I did as love those Mystery stories, if any show dose, who done it! , I would watch it even If I have never seen show before or been a few years since the last time I seen the show.

Back to the movie, I had no idea who the killer was, I was little surpised who the killer, I didn't expect it.

The were some very funny moment in this movie that will make laugh a few times, which are intended, it fitted it really well with rest of the movie.

6 out of 10

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Around Halloween the wife and I go through the French new wave horror films. These being-Inside,High Tension,Martyrs and the brutal  Frontiers. I love a film that is intense, shocking and stays with you long after the credits roll.

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Theli wrote:

White Zombie didn't quite have the same effect as it's larger budget brethren at Universal, but it was a decent flick.

Man I dig this one, a very cool and creepy [for me] one I think. And it gets even better every time you see it. Think I saw it about 10 times already.

And yes azathoth, you're totally right. big_smile

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I'm glad you dug Curse of Chucky, Bassi. I've been looking forward to seeing that one myself.

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I will do a full reviews tomorow

Day 8
Back From the Dead (1957) ]

A newly married young woman is possessed by the evil spirt of her husband's deceased first wife.

I really enjoy this movie, it not scary or creepy but some how this movie dose have errie moments in places.

I really enjoyed the plot the movie, the dose not take to start of at all, the movie flows really well. 

There was one dull second in this movie, he kept intruied from start to the very end!

The acting was really from of the cast but there were some very wooden acting from some one of the cast members

7 out of 10

Day 9
Captain Clegg (1962)

The movie start of really well, with the creepy dream like scenes but as the movie went on, it kinda drag a bit, Yes I did fall a sleep watching this movie at last night.

The morning, I watch the rest of the movie, the movie started to pick up again and middle par of the movie.

This didn't really feel like horror movie, it felt more like Dark Drama a movie, with some decent twist and turn in the movie.

The acting wasn't to bad from the whole cast decent, some scenes do see a bit outdadted.

6 out of 10, loved first few scenes in the movie

Day 10 
Today I was going to watch Premonition (1972) , But I am beat! lol,  Both Tomrorow this and Day 11 will Island of Blood (1982)

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Damn you got great stuff going!!!

And I didn't even know Premonition the newest one with miss Bullocks was a remake. Gotta see that 1972 one for sure...

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kXnPunk wrote:

Damn you got great stuff going!!!

And I didn't even know Premonition the newest one with miss Bullocks was a remake. Gotta see that 1972 one for sure...

Premonition (a.k.a. Head or The Impure) the movie as the same but as diffrent plots,

most say the Bullockss one  Premonition  is a remake of Premonition (2004) aka

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Oh sweet, thanks for that buddy. I GOTTA see it as I truely looove Bullocks' one. smile

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Day 1: Night of the Hunted

This was my first Jean Rollins film. I have to say I was impressed, maybe it was due to my low expectations. It starts off with quite a bit of nudity and an extended sex scene, while sexuality is pervasive throughout the movie, it does kick into the rather interesting plot in short order. The story is of a woman who has completely lost her memory, but not even just that, she is continuing to lose her memory as her brain cells are dying. She is seemingly imprisoned in a great black building with others with the same "illness". It didn't seem like a horror movie (other than some dark/taboo subject matter), but midway through the violence kicks in and some pretty heavy gore is revealed. The whole movie felt sort of dreamy and surreal and didn't follow a linear path. The ending was both humourous and tragic. Some hilariously bad editing aside, it was a good movie.

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Day 10 

Premonition (1972)

This movie is also know as Head or The Impure, never heard of it before, I found out about on youtube this past weekend.

The plot Red flowers cause three druggie college students to have premonitions when they see their own deaths

I liked the sound of the plot and I thought it something I would really enjoy, well it was great or even that good but it all bad.

The way they made the movie was very strange and not in good way, there were things happen but scenes just felt really flat.

Those silly dream silly are more annyoing with that really bad Ringing noise, come on so often that I had to put the mute it.

The acting also really flat of everyone in this movie,  granted it a low buget but they could of done much better with this movie, which decent plot!

I have already forgot how the movie ended lol
3 out of 10,

Day 11
Oringal was going to watch Island of Blood (1982), I could not find it any were, so ended up seeing

The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) (Which is my first re-watch)

it's as been long time since I seen this movie, I would say about 10 years or maybe less.

I did enjoy the last time watch, it fun and very chessey but after giving second watch, it didn't seem to have the same impact as first time I saw it.

There were okay-ish deaths scenes, some very bloodly moment in this movie, that I enjoyed but I didn't think it as fun as last time or I didn't really find that chessey this time around

The acting was really decent for this kind of movie.

5 out of 10 

Tonight Mikey (1992) smile , Imbd say it's Banned but good old youtube as it lol smile  (Anyone notice trend I am doing? )

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