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I recently watched this again for the millionth time tongue
I notice they're doing a remake. Instead of a remake i was thinking, why don't they just make a proper sequel?
They could have a storyline that goes something like this....
It could show you the nurse from the film and how her life is now, people think she's a bit crazy etc, most people are sceptical about the whole David actually being a werewolf thing and it has messed up her life, understandably.
She would be watching the news one night and there would be a report of 'animal' attacks in East Proctor which of course would arouse her suspicions. She would then go on a personal crusade and go and investigate the whole mythology at East Proctor and find out how it all started etc. Even the doctor from the film could be involved, he's still alive i think?

I think something like this could work well. I doubt anything like this would ever happen, but i would rather a proper sequel than a remake any day!

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they did the American werewolf in paris thing which was supposed to be the sequel and that sucked. The thing is , nowadays it's all CG and it sucked.

Will never top the special FX and makeup done by Rick Baker.

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A good movie. And no CGI. big_smile

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I loved that movie, I hope they do a good remake.

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My second favourite werewolf movie after Dog Soldiers!


I agree, American Werewolf in Paris was lame. Hot female lead though.