Topic: Curse of Chucky DVD

Nearly 10 years since the last installment comes the new Chucky sequel straight to dvd , looks like universal has no faith in the franchise to bring it to the theatres.

Anyone here looking forward to getting it ?

I am enjoying the horror mash-up they are doing with chucky on youtube.

Chucky invades Psycho

Chucky invades mama

Chucky invades Drag me to hell

Chucky invades the Purge

Re: Curse of Chucky DVD

I watched it online a few weeks ago. For direct to DVD, it wasn't bad. I like how it goes back to it's suspensful horror roots rather than the straightforward black comedy. I also like Brad Dourif's dedication to the role of Chucky. He's 63 and can still kick ass as Chucky!

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I saw it onlline as well , loved very second of it. 

Can't wait to get it on DVD!

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So, to anyone who bought the DvD, any good special features?

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See my earlier capsule review.