Topic: Computer Trouble?

Well computer is  keeping saying I have low disk space, I have clean out but I already done  twice before and got rid of all almost everything , music, pic, docs , everything and it still saying it need free some space.

There is not other stuff to get rid, that was not already on here before we brought it!

As this happen to anyone before 

What can I do to fix it?

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Usually when it's been up for a long while, Virtual Memory uses the space and the space gets down so just reboot.

If you did already I have no idea WTF is happening.

Re: Computer Trouble?

I got rid of or two thing that I don't use, 

see how long that will untill the sign pop ups again!

Re: Computer Trouble?

Good job!!! smile

Re: Computer Trouble?

Try cleaning manually your OS Temp folder, browser cache and anything that might store temporary files, or use an utility that does that kind of stuff. I used in the past CC Cleaner, a pretty decent freeware.

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Any good free Registry Cleaner you know about???
Need one badly...

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If I'm not wrong, CC Cleaner does that too. I installed a while ago Registry Repair, which seamed pretty good, although it had some features locked in the free version.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I used those only on Win OS's. Don't know anything about MAC or Linux versions.

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Re: Computer Trouble?

We have CC Cleaner on Macs but I could be wrong, I use *niX to clean everything on my Mac. But I now run a PC so it's cool. Thanks a lot. I'll go grab it.

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