Topic: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 7

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

The masks:

1. The hero mask, created by FX artist Chad Washam (uncredited in the film), based on a cast of this film's Shape portrayer, Brad Loree.  As such, the mask (a few alterations notwithstanding) bears a strong resemblance to Loree, mostly in the forehead and cheek areas and the hairline.  Gray shading was painted on around the frown lines and other "grooves," and color added to the lips and eyebrows, giving the mask much more facial detail than previous Halloween masks.  The wig is also made of thinner hair than previous Shape masks, allowing it to be more easily "styled."

2. The Stan Winston mask, as worn by Chris Durand, seen in flashbacks to H20.  See the entry on that film for the mask's complicated history.

3. The John Carl Buechler mask from Halloween 6, worn in the opening scene in H20 by Chris Durand, also seen here during the opening flashbacks.  The mask appears for only a fraction of a second -- literally, blink and you'll miss it.

4. The "burnt" mask, worn by Loree after The Shape is supposedly killed in a fire but comes to in the morgue for a final jump scare.  Rather than actually burn a hero mask, this was a new copy made from Loree's headcast, sculpted to appear melted, with the burn coloring and other such details added after.

The Actors:

Brad Loree

A Canadian stunt man, Loree, the first and only actor to audition for the role, was hired on the spot after demonstrating The Shape's "walk."  Loree has stated on several occasions that unlike other Shape portrayers, he actually studied Nick Castle in the original film and mimicked his movements for his own portrayal.  So while Loree has the dubious distinction of appearing in the most universally disliked of all Halloween sequels, he does get a great deal of respect from die-hard Halloweeners for his attempt to pay honor to Castle in his performance.  Incidentally, while Michael's unmasked face is never seen in this sequel, that's Loree playing Michael disguised in the paramedic's uniform early in the film.

Others who wore the mask:

First, some backstory.  As mentioned in my previous entry, this film rewrites the finale of H20 in that rather than it being Michael Lori decapitates at the conclusion, it's a paramedic Michael swapped places with.  Obviously no one could have known such a "tweaking" of the story was going to happen; another sequel was to be expected, sure, but nobody could have known that it wouldn't arrive for another four years, or that so massive an act of ret-conning was going to take place.  Regardless, because of the ret-conning, that meant the paramedic Michael switched places with had to be of his exact same height, weight, build, possess all his mannerisms, etc.  However...
1. In this film, which delivers a sequence showing how The Shape pulled off his bait and switch (using a combination of footage from H20 interspersed with new "flashback" footage created for Resurrection), rather than cast an actor who SHOULD have resembled The Shape physically in order to fit the ret-con, they cast one who DIDN'T RESEMBLE HIM AT ALL.  In fact he was a good six inches shorter, older and tubbier as well (no idea who this unnamed and uncredited actor is, so if anyone out there knows, please share).  Furthermore...
2. shown under the mask section above, during archive footage used from H20, we see the Stan Winston mask as worn by Chris Durand on the decapitated head.  But when they show new footage created for the flashback, the paramedic's head is wearing the Washam mask, not the Stan Winston mask.  And if that wasn't inconsistent enough...
3.  ...once the mask is removed from the paramedic's decapitated head in the "new" flashback footage, it doesn't look anything like the actor cast as the paramedic! 

And it's at this point that I'm wrapping this entry up.  I could go on and on about ret-conning and inconsistency and brain-farting and a dozen other brazen flaws contained in this film, but that's not what this series of articles is about.  Besides, I feel I've given this particular bastard of a film more attention than it rightfully deserves.   

Up next: The reboot.

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Re: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 7

Another very interesting one sir.
I can't say I hate this one but I'm not really a fan of it.

My favorites of them all are the first one and Zombie's first one too.
The others can go to H3LL.

Sigh, gotta watch them at HFest... Ah well...

Re: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 7

I haven't seen this one either, but I enjoyed the article, always do. I have seen both of the Zombie ones, so I look forward to those ones.

Re: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 7

Nicely done! Now onto the Rob Zombie flicks, which I really look forward to reading!

God only knows exactly how much Lon will be tearing the hell out of Zombie's H2. lol

Re: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 7

I am indeed resisting the urge to rip H2 a new one, and it is indeed a substantial effort to do so. lol

But the intention of this series of articles isn't to review the films, but to catalogue anyone who has ever appeared as Michael Myers or The Shape on-screen, every actor who has worn any of the masks on-screen, and every mask that has appeared on-screen.  The key word being "on-screen."  There are plenty of production stills or behind-the-scenes photos of various crew members having a laugh in the mask, but as they don't appear in the actual films, I've not included them.


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This is so awesome! Good work Lon