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^ Cool costume Swollen!

So, I went to my Grandmas today.  She had a pretty cool decoration up.  It was a monster house.  It has Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Bride of Frankenstein, and The Mummy.  It also has one more creature in the window.  I cannot figure out who it is.  I know these are crappy pics, but wonder if someone can figure out.  Its the one in the top left window.  My guess would be Dr. Jekyll or Hunchback.  I also included a close up.

She also had a cool snow globe:

i would agree in that it's supposed to be Mr Hyde, definitely not hunchback.

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That's freaking AWESOME Ghostseeker!!!
And your daughter is a cutie. smile

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I wish more of the people who posted in this thread came around more regularly.

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween anyway! smile

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Thank guys.  smile

Wolfy, thanks for making a guess on that house.  That's what I was thinking.  I actually did a search of the house, and found a bunch on-line.  Apparently its actually pretty popular.  However, none of the sites I found it on said what the monsters were.  The five were fairly obvious, but that other one, just not totally sure.  It just looked like a random dude standing there.

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I had a rather interesting Halloween night, as my cousin took a friend and I to a gay bar (The Saloon in Minneapolis). I had never been to one before, so it was a very different experience. To put it lightly, there was some very bizarre things going on, but then again I like bizarre.

I kept up with my plans on female to male crossdressing, (I was supposed to be a younger version of Madonna Wayne Gacy, but I didn't end up looking much like him) and I promised a picture earlier, so here you go.

While I didn't really pull it off, it's not bad for my first try.

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This halloween was better than the last few for me, the only problem was the weather. We got more trick r treaters this year than the last few combined. It would have been better if the weather was better because there were some decorations i wanted to put up outside but i couldn't because i didn't want them to get ruined.

I'll put some pictures up soon.

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You always need the classic jack o lantern

Lit up

The one i did last year i thought was SO much better, i was disappointed by how this came out.

The spider in the top right drops down.

I had other decorations that were going to be out but the weather messed that up.