Yeah had to do that, will be a fun one. big_smile

1- Ex-Aquo - Hüsker Dü-Could You Be The One + Pixies-Where Is My Mind?
2- Distillers-Oh Serena
3- Sisters Of Mercy-Marian
4- Stiff Little Fingers-Breakout
5- The Accüsed-War=Death '88
4- Crass-Do They Owe Us A Living?
5- Black Flag-Depression
6- Circle Jerks-Casualty Vampires
7- Sex Pistols-EMI
8- GBH-Generals
9- Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Busted
10- Paramore-Misery Business

Look forward to see yours buddies. smile


There is no way -- absolutely no way -- I can possibly do a top ten favorite songs list.  It's impossible.  There are literally hundreds of songs I could name that I can't do without.  So this is in no way meant to be an "all-time absolute favorite" list; there's no rhyme or reason, no thought put into it to cover as many different musical genres as I can, no preference for one over the other, just the first ten songs I absolutely love that popped into my head:

State of Love and Trust, by Pearl Jam
Low Self Opinion, by Rollins Band
The Mighty KC, by For Squirrels
Rain When I Die, by Alice in Chains
Carry On Wayward Son, by Kansas
25 or 6 to 4, by Chicago
Lounge Act, by Nirvana
Interstate Love Song, by Stone Temple Pilots
Carnival, by Natalie Merchant
Africa, by Toto

Seriously, this doesn't even begin to cover the wide range of songs I consider favorites.  If I even started to put some thought into this, I'd be here all night and my list would be, oh, two or three hundred items long. lol


Punk never specified on doing just ten, so I'm just going to do what I want. tongue

Idiot Wind - Bob Dylan ( ) - A bitter, beautiful, timeless lament.
Like A Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan ( - The music is upbeat and colorful, but the lyrics are dark and full of excess/experience.
Eulogy - TOOL ( )
46 & 2 - TOOL  ( - Very introspective and spiritual listening material, at least for me.
Brown Shoes Don't Make It - The Mothers (
Dumb All Over - Frank Zappa (
Revolution Blues - Neil Young (
Peace In Your Heart - Charles Manson ( - feel free to judge, but I think the song is good/interesting *shrugs* .
Pigs - Pink Floyd (
Woodstock Improv - Jimi Hendrix ( - BRILLIANT, colorful, cutting-edge...exactly what my generation's music (for the most part) isn't.
Demonspeed - White Zombie ( - off of the "Make Them Die Slowly" album, the last of the band's noise-rock stuff.
Desperado - Alice Cooper ( - This song reminds me of my grandfather. smile
Not To Touch The Earth - The Doors (
The Future - Leonard Cohen (
Just Like A Woman (LIVE, 1975, Rolling Thunder Revue) - Bob Dylan ( - Absolutely heart-wrenching.
Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch - Frank Z. (

These are my basic favorites. All of these songs elicit and evoke a variety of emotions and moods in me..."Music is the best!"

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same thought process as LoudLon went into this list. just the first songs to pop into my head

burden in my hand - soundgarden
stayin alive - bee gees  (deal with it)
hunger strike - temple of the dog
play that funky music - forget who sings it
abc - Jackson 5
I can't go for that - hall & oates
spin you around - puddle of mudd
Santeria - sublime
pink cashmere - prince
seven bridges road - the eagles


DAMN YOU LoudLon, now I got Africa stuck in my head. Not that I hate it quite the opposite but this freaking song is a true ear worm it's insane. Doesn't want to get out. HELP ME!!!

And true The Caeature, didn't specify.
I started with 10 but i'll keep adding them 10 by 10 at the time. Probablly will have about 50 of them. I think but really can't be sure, so many I love, I'm a true Hardcore Music fan so... smile