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it's time get those winters gear out!

If you think it's been cold lately, you in for big shock next week,  as there is the first REAL cold spell to hit the UK next,

Forget the Express says, there maybe some snow next only high ground and in Sctoland and Maybe north England,  some places may get to see the light sleet or even snow  showers.

This is the place and keep you nice and Warm, unless your outside, Making a snow man lol

Also the place to post here, if you had any Sleet, Snow , Hail or even talking about really harsh forst or the very cold wind chill, that make even more colder then it is!

Dry and rather chilly conditions on Friday for much of the UK, perhaps cloudier with some patchy rain in Scotland. Similar on Saturday, but later in the day rain could become heavier and more widespread in Scotland. During Sunday the rain is likely to push south with much colder air following on from the north by early next week. This brings an increasing risk of sleet or snow showers to the north and possibly even the south for a time. By the second half of the week things become very uncertain with high pressure either building over the UK and cutting off the northerly flow or backing west again into the Atlantic to open the gates for a second pulse of cold air

Weather outlook UK

Have a Fun great frezzing Awesome snowy Winter

If I don't get any snow this Winter, I will force myself to watch Day of the dead 2  :0
in may!

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We got our first snow of the year three days ago.  Funny.  One day it's fifty-some degrees, the next morning I get up to take the dog out and there's a 1/2 inch of snow.

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Re: Snow watch (2013/2014)

We had a bit of snow and its been cold enough that it stuck for a bit.  Now a lot of it is gone.  Supposed to be warm this weekend with rain. 

Last year we had one snow storm of a few inches in early December, then on December 19 we had 18 inches in a day.  That foreshadowed the rest of the winter as it was either a record, or close to it, for snowfall over a winter.  I have to plow a relatively large driveway with a tractor and really hope there's not much this year.

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Streetly , Birmingham
its snowing here, saw it snow and rushed out side and I did some runing with with dog, Instead of walking him. we both love the snow! (Going to walk him a lot today, i won't walk tomorow, as weather looks crap, windy and more heavy Rain, It's no, no for my Dog)

It sticking on the grass a bit but not on the pavement!

One day to late, I wished it snowed , it would have nice B'day gift as Turned 29 yesterday lol.

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was -16 the other night here in ohio

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We have already broke a bunch of records this year:
Most separate 6+ snowfalls before February, lowest temps, most snow monkeys swimming the Delaware River, etc.

Who knew that moving one hour north would make such a difference in the weather (OK, mountains and such, but still.)?

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FInally warmer, been more than a week under 20 damnit.
-12 now yay. And yes it's Celsius, you fools that are the only damn ones of the planet not using metrics... tongue

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We've got a crap load of snow here today. So much so, that I'm unable to go into work. Many of the roads aren't even plowed. So, that means less money, but hey, it's also a snow day and I'll take it!!

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Means a day staying at home so YAY you!!! big_smile

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It's been hell here, but I don't mind it. The temperature has been like -40 -50 most days. The weather has been so cold they said it was colder here than it was on mars one evening? So much snow I don't even know where to put it anymore when shoveling the house.
When you've worked out in this weather for a season you get use to it.

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It was bit snow yesterday but now back to neverending Rain and wind!.
it as rain so much last two months it's a joke.

This rate the whole UK will be under water, if this carries on for the whole, I hate wet winter, I wanted snowy winter!

I should moved to the US this winter lol! (Day after tomorow came true)

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We're supposed to get up into the fifties for a few hours today.  Hopefully that'll be long enough to thaw our waterlines, which have been frozen since Monday (it sucks that the only way to flush the toilet right is by retrieving a bucket of water from the creek across the road each day -- how fucking hillbilly is that?!).  But then it's supposed to drop again come Sunday/Monday, so I'm going to be sure to leave a tap running, and will probably fill up the washing machine for flushing water instead.

Like I said.  Hillbilly.