Topic: Favorite Misfits Songs

Man love this band so much had to do this as I know a lot in here do too.

Here are mine, yeah of course Danzig ones:

We Are 138
Devil's Whorehouse
Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight
Ghouls Night Out
Horror Hotel
Teenagers From Mars
20 Eyes
Die, Die My Darling
Death Comes Ripping
Green H3LL
Devil Doll

What about you???

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Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

Not a bad song amongbthe bunch. Here's some bad ass ones.

Where Eagles Dare
Hate the Living, Love the Dead
The Crimson Ghost

Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

Crimson Ghost is such a great one.

H3LL, NONE are bad. About the only band I can say that about. lol

Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

Of the top of my head:

Where Eagles Dare
American Psycho
Dig Up Her Bones
Astro Zombies
Die, Die My Darling
Saturday Night
The Forbidden Zone
Dust to Dust
Living Hell

Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

Oh Helena and Dust To Dust are awesome ones too.

But damn they are fun songs to jam. Kick ass.

I wish I still had our cover of Teenagers From Mars. Was BRUTAL. lol

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Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

Speaking of covers Dropkick Murphy's version of Halloween is badass. smile

Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

^Very cool! I'm trying to get a band going again, hope to cover a Misfits song or two.

Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

Sweet, hope it'll work. smile

But yeah they are a freaking RIOT to play these songs. Every instrument is über cool in each one. big_smile

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Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

I don't think there's one Misfits tune that I don't like.

A few that I believe haven't been mentioned, which I dig...
Last Caress
Hybrid Moments
Hollywood Babylon
London Dungeon
Return of the Fly

...absolute favorites of mine are 20 Eyes, I Turned Into a Martian, Attitude, Die, Die My Darling, & Hollywood Babylon.

Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

You just can't go wrong with any of their songs. Dunno if I can choose a favourite.

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Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

Hollywood Babylon is AMAZING!!!

Let's listen to it NOW!!! big_smile

Best Horror Punk band EVER!!!

Cliff Burton and Henry Rollins even have [had for Cliff RIP dude] the Skull tattoo.

And boy the Evilive version of We Are 138 with Henry screaming is mad!!!

Re: Favorite Misfits Songs

Awesome Sailor Jerry Rum ad with Misfits Eagles Dare song. Nice, extremely nice. big_smile … agles-dare