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It was a pretty bad fire. I can see how they could have not had a chance to grab them.
Still sucks. I would try and save my kitty if it were me.

Spent the better part of my afternoon since coming home from work, looking up the best deals in those bloody Living Dead Dolls. Frying my brain.
I think I'll watch a movie now.


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All the cool TV shows are starting new seasons or returning from holiday breaks this week.  Last week it was Justified; tonight, the new season of Californication starts.  Such a fun show; David Duchovney stars as Hank Moody, a womanizing writer/rebel still in love with his ex-wife and struggling to maintain his artistic integrity in Hollywood.  A funny, raunchy show but it also has a lot of heart, and Duchovny's so good in his role that once you get into the show, you'll never see him as just Fox Mulder anymore.  Last season ended with a troubling cliff-hanger so I'm anxious to see how Hank pulls through this one.

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I'm being honest here, 'Real Lives' is one interesting 'game'.

Seriously, if you haven't downloaded it you should, it's super small and just passes time.


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@Feckles the Horny-
Yeah, the Suicide Forest is funky.  I first read about it on, of all places, Cracked.  Go there and search for scary places or something like that, and they have a few articles about such places.
And yes, I will be the Grim Reaper at your funeral.  I will just duct tape a 2 foot rubber dong to the robe, though.

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When I bend and kick in form
With twilight as my guide
In every home the ghost pays gossip
You can hear them if you try
When my quill begins to squirm
From the ashes in your urn
Your deviance is anything but faithful


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MoonRaven, fried brains are tastier. lol

LoudLon, he was on Fallon friday and man, yes Californication is just great.

azathoth, yeah it's f*cked up.
Vice always have good ones [and is an excellent cultural magazine too, from Toronto], I watched one of theirs before that called Interview with a cannibal. Troubling.

Hahaha can't wait to die just to see that. lol


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haha nice one Az.

Hate this friggin' cold. Wish I could be rid of it already. It's draining the life outta me.

On a positive note. Because of exams, cafeteria is closed so I'll be getting 2 weeks off starting next week. Sucks cause the pay checks will be poop. But good cause I get to stay up and sleep in again big_smile
And I'll have some shifts at my gallery job but they'll be in the evening tongue

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Come on Az, you could of least mentioned his lady, Debbie Downer. lol


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Sorry, line length was limited.  sad


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You should see me rolling on the floor right now, like crazy azathoth.
Great one. VERY great one. lol lol lol

And yeah Scavengeratozer , Debbie, Betty, Lilly and all te other ones. Hahaha

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You mean like this?  big_smile

[edit- no, I have no business or any other relationship with that company.  I only pimp my Movie Nights.]

edit 2- oh crap, What HAVE I DONE!  (also no affiliation)

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HAHAHAHA No affiliatiation but still funny. lol


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Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli!


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Just got in from the pub. Had some nachos. Yum


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Yeah Nachos are great. Very yummy little things.

OH WOOOAAAHHH!!! I'm actually still on the ground after what Jodie Foster's speech after the hommage the Golden Globe crew gave her for her retierement. She went through all the emotions one after the others and thanked with her marvellous humour we know and love her for jer family in the crowd, her cinema peeps family. The way she told her mother that's sick that she loved her, made my eyes produce a large waterfall of tears.

Man, she's is truely the QUEEN of today's cinema. Sad to see her go but like she said, change is good, might just be a whisper but it'll be written on the wall Jodie Was Here!!!


And for all those with that virus, I guess you all think the same.



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Huh?  Jodie Foster retired?  I had no idea.  See all the things you miss when you don't have cable? lol


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Poor you, I'd die.
Oh, wait no, I don't wanna see the rubber dong of azathoth Grim Reaper yet. But you get my meaning.

Yeah, she's been there for freaking 38 years already, insane.
I grew up watching her. She's 10 years older so Taxi Driver is the first time I saw her and seen absolutely EVERYTHING she's done after.

She's intelligent, talentful and her eyes convey an incredible emotion. Just when she's in the dark in Silence Of The Lambs, that fear was intense.

kXnPunk+Jodie Foster=Love. Too bad she's not into guys. lol

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Well, Sean Connery retired several years ago and he's back in action now.  I wouldn't count The Jode' out yet.


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Yeah we'll see. You can never tell what'll happen. Unless you're in a Time Machine.

Argo big winner this year. Can't wait to see that one.
And Misérables. Much more.


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I love Spain not only because the Crianza I drink is that good but I stayed in Madrid 8 months in 95.
Beautiful city, beautiful culture.
All store except bars of course are closed from 1pm to 3. Siesta or party time, too hot. Yeah hot but not humid so bearable.

I miss traveling so damn madly much you can't believe how fucking much.

I love my job though let's me travel albeith differently.
I'm a NeroTraveler since I'm 14. lol


Oh another thing I love is PINTEREST

And it's 3 hours AM just now, my computer said "There's something Evil in my house." [from Amutyville Horror when she talks to the priest],
Yeah, it does that every hour. big_smile

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If you can't go back to your mother's womb, you'd better learn to be a good fighter.

Anchee Min

Damn right.

Good week ya all.

Man crazy how it is dead here since yesterday.
Guess SINday is really what that name implies.
Although internet is SINful.

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I seen a trailer for the movie Sleeping Beauty, seems very interesting to me.

IMDB page

Plus, the lead actress (one in the poster) looks cute. Not bad eye candy I must say.


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Can totally take a nap right now.


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http://25.media.tumblr.com/dee535b9e527 … o1_500.gif