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Need to take a nap, yeah, been ages I didn't sleep but no. The Whole Wild Weird is much better And funnier.

Your pict proves it. haha indeed miss MoonRaven.

Ugly fat Zombie.
Badass as mad cute kid with gun,
Sci-Fi Horror.
Me likes.
A lot.

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This song is beautiful.


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So I looked up Dracula in IMDb to see what other ones were floating around (the one I'm currently watching sucks) and found out there is supposed to be a Dracula tv series???



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Once, I used some Dr. Scholl's Foot Powder on the crotchal region, and for 2 days the boys turned into feet trying to walk away with Mr.  Winky. 


This was a suboptimal result.
When I called the company about this, the police arrived roughly 4.87 seconds later at my front door.

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That pic is eerily coincidental.  Not twenty minutes ago I was reading an article the sheepshead fish, which have human-like teeth.




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Um... I got nothin' on this one.  At all.  I'm going to go hide under a blanket now.


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MoonRaven wrote:


So I looked up Dracula in IMDb to see what other ones were floating around (the one I'm currently watching sucks) and found out there is supposed to be a Dracula tv series???


Oh that is wildly way too cool. V````V
The Dark Descent dude. Woooah.

azathoth. Ouch.

Tripod urgh disturbingly nice fella this fish is. @|‡|@

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Faces in space.

Freaky creepy as madly cool fun stuff this is:
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/1 … 57874.html


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Good morning crazies!!!

Woke up pissed. No nightmares and Succubi last night.
Hate when that happens. Doesn't start the day well at all. sad


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Whine whine whine.
I didn't get to superplex monkey nut punch Slender Man last night, either, but you don't see me complaining.


OK, I'm complaining, too.  sad


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Hahaha Rarely happens to me so you better enjoy every minute of it. Might not happen again for a long while. lol

Anyways, Marilyn made my day and reset everything onto smily mode with that:

Don't ever say you're not good enough! If the person can't see how amazing you are, then they're the one who is not good enough for you. - Marilyn Monroe Gotta love her. smile

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My teacher for feature writing gave me a sh*t mark for my essay, no wonder. She doesn't even read the essay, she just looks for mistakes and brings your mark down as fast as possible.

I don't even care, she can go f*ck off.


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Grab the cement cutting saw and splatter her body with her own Blood.

They should forbd teachers like these.

And the rule slappers ones too.

Do they still exist like in my days these ones??


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Only if they want to get sued by the parents.

And you need to work on the subtleness of your attacks.  6 months of stealth ninja monkeys scratching at your windows with glowing eye, switching toilet paper with light bulbs, cats for dogs, is much more fun when they jump into a woodcheeper on their own, rather than a chop-sockey moment.


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Finished work. Have to go to the other job in a while. Bah, I don't wanna!


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Switching is pretty useful.
I'll be a Switcher when I grow up.
But is it as useful as chop-sockey???


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Starting to think that TV commercials are specifically designed to test my reality.


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Yeah some are out of this world in such a way that you wonder if you're still on Earth...

BTW LoudLon, is it too much to ask if you still have that power to put Evil Pornorizator as my title??? Thanks.
I'll buy you a drink if you do. lol

Time for a nap.
A.K.A. that:


Just hope the big bad wolf won't bite. lol


L8r people. smile

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http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/DVDs-Blurays- … &rt=nc



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Marketing ploy to get their listings noticed without paying for premium listing. Worked on you didn't it wink

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I am finally on Twitter now people, if you want me to follow you, I shall and you can follow me back because you are nice! smile

Just let me know.


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Vasquez, the most WTF in this page is Desert Punk. Woah.

Scavengie, @ kXnPunk in there. DG's following me too.

Glad to see that my nightmares came back with a powerful strike back in force with a creepy as mad Vampire Succubus Blood thirsty as fuck.

I'm very glad they did. lol

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What's your avatar from Cap?


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hellrat wrote:

What's your avatar from Cap?

The Exorcist ain't it?