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The most fun I had with Naked You Die was laughing at it with my buddies over a few beers. It's not truly terrible, it's just so obvious. Glad you dig it though.


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DirtyGirl wrote:

Those are some really sexy shoes Punk.  I don't think I could walk in them either...lol

Here are my new ones I just bought...


Wicked shoes. I'm not a heel person cause my feet suck. Wish I was though.

I was too tired last night to stay up. Got home. Threw myself to bed and had a hard time getting up to change into my pj's (which I finally did)
Felt good sleeping in.
Having some caffeine.
Good times.


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Still up since I don't even remember when but here I go...
Grabbing my teddy bear and under the blankets I crawl.

Have a good, good time.



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lol your teddy bear looks awesome.


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And he definitely is. lol

Ok, enough blabbering.



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I'm done with snow... sheesh...

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I ordered a pizza - now I wait.

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Yum ^^^^^^^^

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I'm not a fan of spring, but this winter has been awful. Can't wait for the warmer season even if that means people will be out and about.


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I'm glad I've got family and friends on board with my show. It's easier then going place to place looking for actors. I just hope I get this going, i wanna be a good filmmaker.

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Be inventive with your direction and writing. Don't be a dictator with your actors.


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I hope this lasts long too. Many Youtubers have made it big, and still continue to and I hope to join the ranks of them in hopes that this actually does well. I'm hoping to at least get 6 or 8 seasons filmed.

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That's nice to think big, and I'm not trying to squash anything, but you need to think realistically. You may come upon something you really want to do, but lack the money/ideas to bring it to life. You'll have to put your imagination through the wringer and take suggestions from others involve. Not trying to put you down, just helpful advice.

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I've just set myself the challenge of going a whole week without Red Bull (I have like, one or two per day).

So I'm starting that today (March 9th). This will be fun.


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My day off was boring hmm
Bf had a long day at work then went to a friends house to jam.
I stayed at my place.
And now my cat is hogging the bed.


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It's been really crappy out. It's freezing cold outside and snowy but it is perfect weather to lay on the couch and watch a few movies. I guess that's the only positive thing I find about Winter, the relaxing.


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My street is so full of holes it looks like were in the middle of Bagdad during bombings. Yeah, it's THAT crazy.

Winter + asphalt = Bad...


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Heh, Vampy just read the Scientology application a few pages back.  She had a fun time with it.  Though she did ask me why I blew up Mr. Rushmore and stuck batteries on my genitals.  It was slightly awkward for a few moments.  big_smile


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And ankward must've not even be appropriate.  Mwahahahaha



You better or I'll tell him to go grab you. big_smile



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I pee on evil clowns just for kicks.  big_smile

Here's an interesting article.  A Sports Illustrated affiliate did a story on Sam Raimi!  Kind of rambling, but I found it an interesting take.

edit- I wonder if I should make a thread out of the Raimi article?

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Raimi deserves a thread regardless!!


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He got it.

http://www.horror-movies.ca/Forum/viewt … 92#p648292

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I'll warn you to be really careful doing that on this one though. He's already evil so I'm not sure if he wouldn't be even more if you pee on him.

Very interesting article indeed.
Argh, please nooooooo, NOT PINK, ARGH!!!

If you wonder don't if you liked the article yes do one. big_smile

Always loved Horror related Mickey picts but this one is just too cool.


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And I'm laughing now. lol


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Gardenofstone10 wrote:

Raimi deserves a thread regardless!!

Raimi deserves to be KING of the Universe. He's GOD!!!
And he deserves more than a million threads about him. lol

Damn you, spoilt creature; I shan’t make you love me any the more by giving myself away like this.

Vita Sackville-West