Re: Totally random

Haha nice one hellrat.
That regular coffe drinking owl looks grumpy tongue


Re: Totally random

Wicked tired!


Re: Totally random

Hahaha hellrat, the double expresso one ROCKS!!!

I've found the sexiest Panda ever.



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Getting ready for work. But I got to sleep in a bit. Should be an easy day.


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Have a good one miss.

And a very nice and EVIL weekend to all of you folks.

The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.

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Top of the morning to ya, Punk.


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Have a great saturday sir Creature.

Man, still in shock because of Kill, Baby... Kill!
That movie was such a blast. And extremely creepy.
I need something more relaxed now.
Yes, been a while so Coyote Ugly is my choice.

Hot girls dancing on bars, H3LL yes. lol

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Marc-ander fucker just passed by. Cool as always.

Saturday's movies start early with great ones right in the afternoon. Tonight looks promising too.

But that. Huh WHAT???



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After work I went for a bike ride.
Outta shape. But then again I just got over the flu/pneumonia/sinus and ear infection. So it should be better the next time around.
So now I'll sit on my but all evening and watch some movies big_smile


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I ride my bike everyday. Even in winter but now that alsphalt and cement are back, the street freestyle riding is much more fun.

Have fun watching them. I personaly do a lot since this afternoon. Cool shit on TV.

Saturday Movie Night Fever alright. I love.

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Re: Totally random

yikes He's O.


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Re: Totally random

Please say a prayer, or sacrifice a first born, or what ever it is you do, that we get the house tomorrow!  Must get out of this one, and fell in love we saw with the one today.


Re: Totally random

I'll sacrifice a few virgin girls. Will probably help you to get it. Hopefully. Hahaha

I don't think I'll ever own a house. roll

Re: Totally random

Just renting to see if we like it.  But it's right on the river, and we've been looking for a while.  I'm not fond of owning houses.  I have in the past.  But for some reason, owning makes me feel I've come to the end of the line.


Re: Totally random

If I could afford one, I'd love to own one. I'd get the one right on the corner of my street. Old school style with a kinda tower in the middle with dormer window. Haunted style totally. I'd paint it black with Blood red windows. Ahhh dreams... smile

Re: Totally random

The one we want, is way back off the road with spooky trees all around it.  I can just dreaming of decorating it for Halloween.


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Gotta love trees, they all look Evil. I'd freak in the desert I need my wood friends around. Big forest here is 5 minutes from here. I spend the summer in there. smile

Halloween is the best day ever.


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I would sacrifice a virgin, but I live in Kentucky.  Girls don't stay pure for long once their daddies get hold of 'em. hmm

Re: Totally random

Best to just drive around Kentucky.


Re: Totally random

When I get old, I wanna be a girl de-virginatorizer.


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I hope you get your house Possum.   I love decorating for Halloween.  Most of my friends say my house looks like Halloween all year round...lol


Re: Totally random

Hahaha Same for me.

Good SINday to all of you. Hope itll be Dark, Crazy and Creepy enough.

What a kick ass movie night it was yesterday. Sweet.

Tonight's the Quebec TV awards show called ARTIS and I'm glad the cool dude of my morning show is nominated for personality of the year. Very cool, the guy is great. And what a price that is.

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Thanks DirtyGirl, I had trouble sleeping thinking about it.  Now I'm just a nervous wreck.