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Hahaha cool.

z3r0c00l, some bitch way more. check the "what pisses you off thread". lol

Found back a bottle of my favorite wine ever, 17% alcohol. The Hell's Door, wears it's name very well that thing gets you freaking wasted like mad and very fast.

It's gonna be a fun night. big_smile

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That's a high alcohol content wine! I'd love a glass, lol.


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Here you go. big_smile


Welcome to the sick house BTW!!!
Have fun checking it out, very cool stuff but it's mostly crazy fun all the time. smile

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Where's Demon been?


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OldLaughingLady wrote:

That's a high alcohol content wine! I'd love a glass, lol.

And I'm giving you the welcome speech.

Glad to see you back though.

And yeah Ghostseeker was wondering the same. Been TOO long. hmm
DemonToThoseWhoDon'tBelieveInFuckingDemons where are you hiding???

I love these Buzzard dudes.


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I'm glad to be back too, like a phoenix this time!  New name.  I wonder if I'll get to my 14,000 posts, lol.


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Hahaha I'm sure.
Still can't believe I reached 5000 in so little damn time. 0_0

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Hey do you or anyone have the link on where you can rate the horror movies (that This vs This screen that Meh did a bit ago)  I'm in the mood to rate!


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Used to go to my favorite page of the whole damn place, the Poster one but now it shows nothing.
Wondering if it's my ages old Firefox 3 or Meh's working on it.
But check it out anyways, might work on your side of the force.

And that wine is freaking efficient!!! lol

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I found it through some long searching: http://www.horror-movies.ca/top-horror-movies.php Meh is always working on something, gotta love his dedication!  My mountain dew is delicious haha


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Ah The Tomb yeah, forgot about this cool one.
Yeah Mah ROCKS!!!

Check out the new HM Member Awards thread Tripod did a few days ago, very cool one. smile
http://www.horror-movies.ca/Forum/viewt … p?id=31110

And I'm sure my wine is more delicious than the yes, I admit delicious Moutain Dew. Hahaha

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I voted for Lon, Meh and Cap, all of whom are the backbone and heart of this site! I only say Mountain Dew because I drink once or twice a year, if that.


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Hahaha yeah I'm the same.
But true that these guys rock.
Voted for them too.
AND azathoth of course. If the others are the backbone, he's the TRUE heart. smile

Well that was weird.


Have this damn wine drunken me that much that I see stuff like this???
Yes so I guess I better go to bed before posting even crazier stuff as usual.

Have a nice one guys. See ya tomorrow with more craziness. lol

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haha that used to happen to me sometimes when i scrolled before the page was fully loaded

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Please, if I ever move again, someone shoot me in the head!

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Sup Florida, it's Garden!  Moving does suck.  I have a deal with myself that next time I move it's when I'm rich and can hire people to do all the work for me so I simply just need to drive from old to new, lol


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Ghostseeker wrote:

Where's Demon been?

He's been banned.  Again.


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Oh. After his USA sucks going off I guess it makes sense.

floridapossum, it'll be finished soon and you'll be able to enjoy. Hopefully.
But damn yeah moving truely sucks. Putting everything in boxes then getting these out with the usual in what box did I put that. Urgh.

H3LL that wine was wild, was so drunk last night...

Gillian MacGregor equals DROOL.
That looks very cool.

And a great middle of week to all of you peeps.

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Afternoon loonies smile

Apologies for the absence, I've been abducted by my horror movies and only just seen the light of day big_smile

On the plus side, I'm now at 220 horror movies seen for the year, cracking through them!


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WhOOOhOOO!!! My Queen is back!!! Happy me. big_smile

Woah gal, that's awesome!!! I could never equal that. Maybe mainstream ones I could but Horror nope. Hopefully you've seen more good ones that crap.

Another beautiful summer day out. Sitting out reading Playboy [and of course watching the picts hey] while drinking coffee and smoking is just perfect to start a day. Can't wait til nights get warmer too. Still droping too much to be able to read outside now. A month and we'll be alright. DAMN I LOVE SPRING/SUMMER TIME!!!

Got a question for you all.

Do vibrators for cats exist??? Sweet needs one badly. lol

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It's annoying when Rottweiler snores in his sleep, but when he farts that's a whole 'nother story. I wonder what my Mom is feeding that damn dog that makes him stink up the house. hmm


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Beans, that's for sure. Maybe even with Maple Syrup in. lol


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I'm glad the Foxy hot Fox is back. And not in anything but in TMNT!!! Hurrah!!!


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I've never found her to be that good of an actress or even that attractive...I want to like her, too


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I do though.
You'll need a Black Magic Spell to change your mind.
I'll email you one. lol

Bless mother nature for creating the sublime Rhian Sugden.
Just coming back from the store to grab smokes and the lovely way too gorgeous ca$h blonde was there. Love her, not only beautiful but also very finny and cool.

Sometimes I go there but don't buy anything, going just to see her. She must thnk I'm some kind of freak stalker. lol

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