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Google's search history is cool.

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1. List of horror films of 2009 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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4. List of horror films - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
5. Classements - NHL.com
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oh man hangovers are the worst


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Could say never had those ever. I wake up as fresh as the day before drinking. I'm glad about this cause I drink a damn whole lot.

Best to make the hangover go away is to drink a glass of alcohol. Should fix you up.

Happy SINday to all.



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Poor little kitty.
But MWAHAHAHAHAHA So funny. lol



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Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!

Bram Stoker

May 26, 1897: When Bram Stoker's Dracula was published, 116 years ago today, it was already part of a vampiric literary tradition dating back to the mid-18th century.

And on that note, I'm going to go listen to that music they make. And go in Nightmare Land.

CYA L8r!!!


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i had 5 pieces of toast for breakfast

hopefully all that bread will soak last nights drunken mess hmm


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So that lazy ass from work, messaged the boss last night saying his knee was swollen and he wouldn't be going into work today. LAST NIGHT. Are you telling me that last night he couldn't ice his knee so that the swelling would go down?  How dumb is that? You never all in sick the day before you are supposed to work. Cause you can feel better in the morning after a nights sleep. And how convenient is it that he couldn't make it for the clean up after the biggest event of the year.
No one believes he's actually hurt. Cause there is always something up with him. And the days he does come into work, he's always "Are we done yet?" And looking at his watch.
Such a lazy ass.

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Not surprising, but The Hangover: Part III really sucked. Just the same old tricks over and over and relying too much on Alan to deliver every joke.


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Well weekend went too fast. But still very cool stuff on TV.
And now to finish it all up, it's Hopkins in Burt Munroe. Cool flick.

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Well my weekend, (read days off), is just beginning, and it's four days long!


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Have fun miss.

I dreamt I was reading a huge amount of reviews for Evil Dead 2013 and lemme tell you the picture were freaking gore as mad. Yeah MUCH, much more than in the movie. My mind is sick, definitely.

Still rainy outside, damnit, been like a week it rains. Grrr.

I like that a whole damn lot.



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It's still F'n cold here in Boston on May 17. WTF!


Re: Totally random

Yeah same here in Quebec, WTF indeed.


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Potatoes. That is all.

Re: Totally random

Bollocks that's what i say Bollocks!

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Yep I've got a fire going.

Re: Totally random

I had a fire the last three days but today is rainy and cool so I'm hanging inside for the most part.

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Oh my fire is in the fireplace.  smile


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I have MELISSA CLARKE the way too cute going. And I don't even need a fire place, she would bomb it all with her hotness. big_smile



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Their is a fire in my crotch whenever I pee

...I bet that killed the mood lol


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Work wasn't too bad today. Didn't have to yell at anyone.
Went to the music store with the bf. He went to exchange his Kemper. It was a long enough bus ride to almost put me to sleep. Picked up some Indian food. And nodded off for about half an hour. Was dead tired.
Now Internet is up and running again and bf is asking a nap tongue


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Internet rules ALL.

Speaking of it, just founf out this very cool Zombie web comic.
Zomblicity it's called. Nice one.

This girl rocks.



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oh my god i just saw the weirdest porn ever. i will never look at mario and donkey kong the same way. no more 4chan for me


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Oh MWAHAHAHA I saw this one too. Definitely weird.
Well ALL Porn spin offs are. My favorites are Flinstone and Star Trek with Sasha Grey. Less weird I found than any others I've seen. Well Sasha helps a lot. lol