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HypnoticDead89 wrote:

^^Until you accidently drop it, spill your drink on it, headbutt it out of anger, etc. *devilish grin*

Never!! tongue

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Soon darling...*puts fingers together like Mr. Burns*


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Oh good, it must be that time of the year when people in the neighborhood thinks it's cute to set firecrackers off at night. Jackasses.


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Tripod wrote:

why must i be born with the ability to be socially awkard ugh its a terrible privellege

So what you're saying is you're the Raj Koothrappali of HM? lol

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Ain't nothing wrong with being akward. It's the bomb diggity, the bee's knees, the hoochie coochie. Yeah. cool

Edit - Ooh, I didn't know hoochie coochie was dirty slang. I thought I just made that up. Yikes.

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^^Damn, that's supposed to be "awkward". That Hypo/Hypno/Hiphopanonymous is stupid.


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Hahaha funny guys you are.

Very glad for you MoonRaven, a new one is always better than anything. Well maybe not Living Dead Dolls though.  lol

Hypno, firecrackers are just freaking GREAT!!!
Always loved them.

Leno was cool tonight, they had a 4 months old bear, a tiger and some rackoons. Damn I love animals, so nice.

Speaking of TV shows, NOTHING annoys me more than these millions of crappy cooking/kitchen ones. What the H3LL, how can some people need them to cook is beyond me. It's very easy, you just need imagination period.

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I like cooking... and sometimes get great ideas from the occasional cooking show I come across. Also I was a cameraman last year for a cooking show called Simply Ming on PBS (US). Ming's a hoot, and a genius chef. I got a lot of good ideas from him. We start production on his 11th season in July. Cook on buddy!!

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Yeah that's cool.
But maybe it can help some people that wanna try something different or don't have the same crazy imagination than me, true, I give you that but they still annoy me so sorry, I won't listen to yours. lol

Been seeing a bunch of ads for this new show starting 1rst july and it looks like a very nice new one.

Siberia it's called.

But the one I look the most forward to is definitely Dracula. H3LL YEAH!!! big_smile

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So freaking beautiful. AND Evil. big_smile



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Have a great saturday all of you.

Wonder what the movie night on TV will be like tonight.
But anyways, I'll watch my Hawks then will switch to the movies.

Man, I looove this plane. The best ever built to me, definitely.


Junkers Stuka JU-87

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Oh yeah baby, Miss World is gonna be on TV sunday on NBC. I won't miss it you can be sure about it. H3LL how could I??? lol


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Air show this weekend. We have some world war 2 planes.
Too bad I'm missing it for work.
Waiting for the bf to finish up something do we could go for lunch. I'm starving.

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Random Fact: Quentin Tarantino has an IQ of 160.

and, James Woods supposedly has an IQ of 180. Wowza.

But, I would like to quote Stephen Hawking to illustrate the fact that these inexact numbers are irrelevant: "People who boast about their IQ's are losers."

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I bought The Twilight Zone: Season 3 on blu-ray the other week and decided to finally watch some of the episodes.

And I got to say, the first episode 'Two' is one of the worst episodes of The Twilight Zone I ever seen. It's about after a nuclear holocaust, a man and a woman are only left alive, and the twist is, they are both on different armies. I actually like the plot, so you know.

But they shoot for that vibe of 'quietness' and hardly any dialogue, and it just doesn't work. There is no twist or anything like in normal episodes. This one is...well, they end up together. That is it.

Wow, such a surprise! /sarcasm.


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Bf managed to clone my old hard drive to the new laptop.
So I didn't lose my music and movies.


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http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ8ecAmLhd7zRid0fi6JwL1KeJvALtL6w4cw5T1Arm_sOYYPjvd lol


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I hate it when females consider themselves


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Woah MoonRaven too bad you work. Must be amazing to see a real WWII plane especially in acyion. Only one I saw was a Spitfire and it KICKED ASS!!! And WOOO you and the bf indeed. Very cool.

Yeah Scavenger, weird one this Twilight Zone episode. Can't say that I like or dislike just don't give a fuck about it. At all.

The Creature, looks like someone watches the same late night showa I do. lol

GIRLS RULE!!! Even arse ones. lol

Having a damn lotta fun, coming back from a crazy good as mad alcoholized as mad supper at Maggy Cool and Marc-ander fucker's place. Oh yeah baby, lotta fun happened so I brought some back home and Malphas The Crow was waiting. Gotta love havng fun. MWWHAHAHAHA

The fucker lend me a copy DVD of Dark Skies and the few minutes I've seen made me sure I'll love it. More about it later in the Last Horror movie you watched thread. But hey, AFTER the great American Beauty showiing now.

I WANT SOME OF HIS G-13 green, damn I do. big_smile


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I wish all the daddys in here a wonderful and kick ass day to all. Enjoy it to the top. big_smile


I know what I'll give mine today. Exactly what the fucker deaseves, nothing...


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Katherine Graham wrote:

The longer I live, the more I observe that carrying around anger is the most debilitating to the person who bears it.

Love this one too...

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So I watched VHS2 last night...writing up my review now, this isn't going to be fun.


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Happy Fathers Day everyone. I never really had the perfect father figure in my life but I am going to be spending it with my foster kid and that just makes my fathers day better.


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I feel you, Tri.  I have one father (of course) and have had two stepfathers.  My father was an abusive Pentecostal reverend who too readily believed in the concept of "spare the rod, spoil the child'; my second stepfather, who passed away this past March, I wasn't very close with, having already been out on my own as an adult and in the military by the time he and my mom got together.  But my first step dad, Tom -- he was a good man.  A DAMN good man.  The closest thing I ever had to a genuine, caring father, and I loved that man to death.  I haven't spoken to him since, God...1990 or so.  Over the last ten years I've wanted very badly to call him, but I wouldn't know what to say.  It's been too long.  But in the two years he was married to my mom, he taught me more about responsibility, honor, and what it means to be a REAL man than any person I've ever known.  So while I know he wasn't my real dad, and I know I haven't seen or spoken to him in over twenty years, I hope he knows how much I still care about him.  Shit, I'm getting misty just thinking about it lol


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Happy Daddy's day to all the dads on this lovely forum.

@kXnPunk Apparently we have have one of 2 Lancasters at our museum. It's been flying around all week.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_W … age_Museum