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Stopped at Penn State's Creamery on the way home.  Picked up a gallon of Peachy Paterno and a gallon of Death by Chocolate.  Got about a pound of dry ice for the ride home, still had a bunch left when we got home, so we're playing with it making fog in the sink, casting spells by waving chunks of it around, etc.  My dad grabbed it with a pair of room-temperature tongs, and the ice starts screaming!


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Death by Chocolate??? Oh man, that is probably the best Death ever.
Man Chocolate is the best thing EVER!!!

MoonRaven, the warmer the better for me. And I don't have any fans, I dig the hot temperature so why would I get it colder, no way I'll ever do that. Best temperature I ever lived in was in Spain. 35°C in the shadows but it's dry unlike here which is humid. I don't care if it's humid, I love when things are hot. Just like girls. lol

Raining here today so it's NOT warm. Damnit. Another cray thunderstorm last night and it was spectacular like always. Man, I LOOOVE these.



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Another day off today. But in order to get this day off, I'm going into work at 6am tomorrow instead of 4pm today. Much rather get the cleaning done early in the morning and I have the rest of the day to myself.

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Like Clockwork from Queens of the Stone Age is honestly one of the best albums I heard in like the past few years.

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Recieved an e mail from the owner of the house next door who lives in Japan, and it was very interesting. I guessed this was the case because the decorators are in next door and my wife spoke to one of them who said the house" wasn't in the state that they would expect". It seems the last beloved Czech tenants have cost the owner quite a bit of expense, it seems they were playing darts and missed the board a lot and left other mess and mementos, this is inside the house, i've seen the outside and it's full of all sorts of crap, and also he actually let slip that they had to go to court to get them out. he indicated he might up the price to attract better tenants. i don't know about that, i don't give a toss who lives there as long as they are reasonable.he asked if i knew if the previous tenants were still in Cambridge? how the hell would i know? i couldn't care less and quite honestly the further away they are the better. good riddance to the twats! i might be a whingy, whiny arsehole bastard  but i have priniciples.

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Haven't had good experience with Czechs.
They bug the poop outta me.

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MoonRaven wrote:

Haven't had good experience with Czechs.
They bug the poop outta me.

well not speaking about all of them but basically in general they annoy the shit out of me.


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Heh heh, I'm 1/2 Czech, lol .


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NOBODY bothers me. I don't care at all even if they do annoying stuff.

I'm maybe too good but hey, that's how I am.

Wondering about 2 things now.

What to eat.
What to watch.


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I always wanted a girlfriend from Czechoslovakia.  Not that I have a preference, I just think it'd be funny to say I've got a Czech mate.

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Some of those Czech women are very pretty.

But it's not like I am seeing tons upon tons of them daily, but still!


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azathoth wrote:

Heh heh, I'm 1/2 Czech, lol .

Well obviously you rock.

The ones I've encountered as neighbours and at work were poo heads tongue


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Scavenger, YES!!!



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^ My point exactly Punk! big_smile Look at her, why would you need alcohol? lol


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I'm sure she's WAY more cute when you drink alcohol. lol

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I'm meeting my sisters and my father's side of the family tomorrow. Bad news, my father's coming along. Not really interested in seeing him, but decided f*ck it. It's been too long since I've seen my sisters. Still owe the oldest one an ass whipping due to her being an ex-Latin King member.


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Totally random: after founding the Central Valley Horror Club in 2008, I am now one of two administrators for the FIRST EVER horror convention coming to Central CA, which is happening this weekend. Excited, overwhelmed, and exhausted, but SO happy and grateful that I am able to do all of this. smile



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Really amazing. ESPECIALY Danielle Harris and Kim Poirier, damn I sure wish I could be there. Good luck with it all and thanks for sharing it to us, looks like a damn blast.

Well I need to dive into Nightmare Land right now, dead tired. Cat didn't let me sleep and I couldn't catch her to put her in the bathroom. Which I'm officialy gonna do right now.

Cya sometimes then. When I don't know, in the morning probably...


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That's bad-ass, Kaci.  Of course I live on the other side of the country and don't have two nickels to rub together but if I did, I'd be there with tubular bells on.  I hope it's a great success. smile


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Well a very nice middle of week to all of you folks.

Lucas: We're playing with our hole.
Julie: That's what you guys do in Brooklyn, play with your holes???
Mwahahaha Man, loved these lines.


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WAKE THE H3LL UP!!! Freaking dead here today. Ah well...

I bid the chords sweet music make,
And all must follow in my wake.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How much more idiotic can you be??? Or ridiculous... lol


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A little something I mouse-doodled on MS paint while waiting for NOTLD '90 to download...



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It's staring at me....


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Woah, extremely cool looking LoudLon.

Still can't believe you are using that crappy MS Paint man.


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I'm amazed that Paula Deen gets fired from Food Network for racist remarks in the past but Quentin Tarantino gets praised for slipping the N word a couple 100 times in Django and he's rolling in money.