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So i ordered the dress that I initially wanted online. I got 20% off  cause it was my first purchase.
So the price wasn't too bad.
Now I have my eyes on a pair of shoes that I'm not sure I can walk in.
http://www.ebay.ca/itm/350887530650?var … 1423.l2649
Such a dilema tongue


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Oh they look extremely cool.
But it's probably better to walk in these than those ones though. lol


Oh I'm glad, I got the 2014 Playboy calender just now and damn, I missed the 2013 one, first time in more than 20 years it happens. roll

But this one is just sublime. H3LL PLAYMATES RULE!!! big_smile


And woah, what a badass Alice and Rabbit this is. smile



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That is a cool looking Alice.


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H3LL yes. And the Rabbit is SICK!!! big_smile


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WOOOAAAHHHhhh!!! Damn my favorite Scream Queen EVER , the Halloween Gal's new tattoo is INSANELY COOL!!!

Breathtaking, just like her really. big_smile


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Punk...I just assume if you're posting something around this time, there is a pic of a hot girl being posted.  For that...I thank you!  smile


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I hit that.


In a dream.



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Dream I do EVERY NIGHT!!! Hahaha

Mwahaha Ghostseeker, you're very welcome. big_smile

Damn I truely gotta see her latest one, Hallow's Eve.
Sounds PERFECT for Halloween. lol

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And JJ, woah, very cool. Saw them once only nut way back in the 80s. Still very present in my memories, GREAT show they put up. Well if your count my 2 DVDs that makes 3 times. lol

That would have been amazing to see them touring for the first album, I wish! Well if we are including dvds I am 8 lol

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I don't know if any of you guys listen to Atheist, but they are seriously amazing.


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JJ wrote:

That would have been amazing to see them touring for the first album, I wish! Well if we are including dvds I am 8 lol

Hahaha way behind me. Hopefully you enjoyed it.

Good morning people, I finally managed to escape from my Nightmare World which was quite interesting today. Nice Hot Naked Babes were around. Still wondering what's up with them and my dick that they don't want to let go. NOT that I'm complaining though. lol

And H3LL yeah Scavenger, Atheist are amazingly good. big_smile



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My buddy Drano this afternoon...
The big one has been emptied totally so I'm actually pretty damn wasted. Of course I am, H3LL, Jack Dan works everytime. lol


Damn I gotta stick him in the Beard Thread too. big_smile

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Hahaha Damn right.


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I want a 20-30 foot high gargoyle statue with red eyes that work off solar.  I cannot find one this big for sale...I check google, ebay, craigslist, plus other searches.  At this point I want to find someone to make it for me.  How do I proceed with this?  I want someone local to keep costs down, but haven't found something.  Any ideas?  I want cement but would settle for fiberglass.


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Check out the Grave Builders, they can manage a whole lotta stuff.
A friend of mine had one done by one of these guys and it was perfect. Else I have no idea. Or you could always steal one at the Notre-Dame cathedral. lol



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(◕)(◕) MORE (◕)(◕) please!!! lol


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Nothing better than Sasha Grey to say what I think about mondays...

Hopefully you'll have a good one anyways. smile



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Everyday should be like that if you ask me. lol


I support this a 100%. big_smile

Scarlett Johasson, Sexxxiest Esquire girl of 2013.
I approve totally...


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This place has quickly turned into 'porno.net'.


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Seems you've never seen a Porno.
The girls are ALL naked in them. Not half clothed like these girls. lol

Having a good fucking monday man???

Damn, I gotta start building my Revell Camaro '69 SS model... I'm gonna paint it Blood Red with the interior, the engine and the bottom Black. Will be cool. Hopefully I won't put some damn glue in the windshield like I did on my '70 Cuda though. Ruined it but fixed it with a wild kinda logo over it. lol

I love models. Revell especially, they're the damn BEST!!!


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Well nap time. My sweet and LOVELY/SEXY Succubus is calling me...

L8r folks and folksettes. smile



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Co-worker came back today from sick leave after being off for a month.
I almost cried when I saw her.
The weight of work has been lifted off my shoulders.
And the kitchen is more lively with her there.


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Very glad for you dear MoonRaven. Good stuff. Yay you and her. big_smile

I didn't know Wet Dreams could be Evil but this last one was. lol

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Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!

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Don't you hate Pants???!!??