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Everyone loves the Hulk.


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After the blang, bang, trash, smash, smash, smash, urgh. Oh YES. big_smile

Theli I do too, made me laugh like mad when I saw it. lol

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puny gods make me hork

im soorry I'll make you hork I don't fvckin care.... by now all you fvckers know who I am... so call me demon... or I will send my left nut flying from the otherworld and hit you hard where it will cause a cardiac arrest... sorry but I warned you.


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But punk is also a demon. Now we got all kinds of demon folk running aboot.


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Sorry, but your name is now Angel.  And don't threaten me or anyone else, it's uncomely.


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Yeah Theli I'm a TRUE Demon, I don't become an Angel and will never do so. Hahaha

Well a great Mighty THORsday to you all my dear friends, hope you have a great one and it's not as cold as it is here. Freaking -13°C now, ARGH!!! Please save me. roll



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What a pity every child couldn't learn to read under a willow tree...

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Spooky Montreal Home Finally SOLD And Still Gives Us The Chills (PHOTOS)

http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/11/20 … 13020.html


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Slept in this place's backyard one summer Drunken night and yes, lemme tell you that place IS HAUNTED!!!
My Ghost finding machine beeped like mad inside my tormented brain. Looks very nice inside though, never saw these, thanks miss. smile


Damnit WTF is taking these guys so freaking long to prepare BADASS DEMON really??? I WANT IT NOW!!!
No sorry I NEED it now rather. Damn Firefox 2 is utterly slow and gives me error windows popping up in almost every site I visit... Can't stand it but hey, been doing it since I got back internet 'bout 2-3 years ago. Ahhh well my patience is truely running off... Grumble.


Very sunny now and it's not as freaking cold as it was last night. Still got the heating going full blast and it's a confortable 28°C now in my Dark Sinister full of Posters Cave. Confortably numb I am. lol

I wish my Cave was there instead of here really. roll


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I just started listening to Daft Punk's latest album "Random Access Memories" and it crazy how these guys just stay so amazing.

You can tell their music has progressed but it's still amazing. I also love the way they have kept the robot/synth voices. I know some people are sick of it, but I think it adds to their style.

At least they don't overuse it.


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Man I listened to that album everyday for the whole summer. This is not an exaggeration when I say that it is a musical masterpiece, it will be regarded as a landmark album in production and composition.

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^ Yeah man, for sure. It's pretty insane how good the two of them are. I think it is one of their best albums, and that is saying a lot when you look back at Daft Punk's previous work.

I am hooked on it as of now.

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Conan is hilarious. lol


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Damn yeah the dude is a freaking RIOT!!! lol

Scavenger of Human Sorrow wrote:

^ Yeah man, for sure. It's pretty insane how good the two of them are. I think it is one of their best albums, and that is saying a lot when you look back at Daft Punk's previous work.

I am hooked on it as of now.

Normal it's THAT good, they're French. big_smile

Each year they choose a word of the year and guess what it is in 2013???

"SELFIE" Mwahahaha

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Damn I'm freaking DEVASTATED. One guy that admired all my freaking life just passed away calmly in his sleep, THE BEST WRESTLER WE EVER HAD here in Quebec is gone... RIP Mad Dog and keep terrorizing everybody where you are now. You were just great at it.

I spent YEARS watching him scream and do his angry faces at his opponents on the ring. He was so damn sweet for real and his Mad Dog character was just for the show but H3LL was he good at it. So long buddy and you'll still be the best wreastler EVER for me Ad Vitam Aeternam.

http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/maurice-mad- … -1.1553742


The saddest day since Karen Black passed away...

Damn you fucking Grim Reaper, stop this crap, get the ones that deserve it instead you hear me???

I'm extremely sad, an idol is gone... sad

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Yes, and Thanks Demon you're FINALLY here.

Have a very nice weekend folks. smile

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I am ZoZo is a rental on Amazon!  I've been looking forward to this one.  Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend.


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That's a great one, should rewatch that. Thanks for bringing that up buddy. smile

666 TT to you. big_smile

Mom just called me and she finally announce her friends last night she has a new boyfriend. So happy for her, her previous one was a real asshole. A bunch of them even started crying because they were THAT happy for her. I told her finally you see how it is to be happy like I am, we're at the same place. I'm sooo freaking happy for her, he looks like a very fine dude, I haven't met him yet but I'll do these following days. Can't wait. Mom told me he's been through some very crazy stuff in his life. Kinda like me except that for me it's crazier than anything. lol

AND she's going to spend a month in Florida in January with him at some of his friends' place. KICK ASS!!!


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Well I just got back from the Doc and found out I have a pinched nerve in left butt cheek. I need to go see a physiotherapist and get a butt massage. I hope it's not a big Russian dude named Boris giving me the massage.


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Hopefully it's not a guy but a sexy redhead in short skirt. lol


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The last physiotherapist's office I went to was pretty much all women, mostly hot. So I think I'll stick with that place. Dunno who the massage therapist is though... I just know this is gonna bite me in the ass.

And not in a good way.

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Being bitten in the ass NEVER is a good way if you ask me. roll

Damn watchout, in a few minutes BADASS DEMON starts his Evil actions. No idea about the specs of that new Intel machine and look really forward to see what inside the BEAST!!!

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^ Sounds sore man, about two years ago I got a 'trapped nerve' in my spine and I couldn't sit down or stand up correctly it hurt that damn much.

Hopefully you recover quickly! smile

Now, today in college (I'm doing a film course for those of you who don't know) and after doing some work and the lecture was over, about ten of us were talking to the lecturer about zombie movies. And one of the guys mentioned, 28 Days Later. And he was praising it, which I understood and agreed with him that it is a good movie. But I told the guys (and lecturer) that 28 Days Later is not a zombie movie and I was the ONLY person who thought that 28 Days Later and its sequel aren't zombie movies. And I explained my point so well, and I don't think this is even really subjective, it's just not a zombie movie. And they were like (even the lecturer!) "But it's up to date zombies. You are comparing them to old zombie movies."

I only bring it up because I know some guys on here had a discussion about this before. Was I right saying them movies aren't zombie movies?

I'm positive they aren't!


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Ask LoudLon, his theory is failure proof. IT'S NOT A ZOMBIE MOVIE AT ALL. To be a Zombie you need to DIE first. 28 Days ones are just infected, not Dead yet...

Damnit, guy brought the machine but as I booted it up, it read AMD when I CLEARLY asked for an INTEL ONE TO INSTALL MAC OSX. Fucking H3LL that annoys me. And it doesn't even wanna boot past the code screen at start up. Says CMOS battery Low, Floppy Controller Failure and some other crap. I called and he says he's gonna bring back the right one and take that cancer back. Mwahahaha they smoke good one these guys, takes them a week to install OSX and they bring the wrong one. CRAZY!!! lol

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If 28 Days later is a zombie movie so is The Crazies and Rabid. Which they are not.