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Aloha, fellows!


Inspired by films such as Casshern, 300, and Sin City, we've decided to begin production on an action/horror film also bluescreen (chroma key) heavy, which will allow us to create various anime-like action scenes.

Called HyperZombieSmash: Nundead2, it's the next chapter in a series of films involving nuns from space that plan to take over Hawaii and turn all into zombies!

Ooooooh, spooky!  :shock:

Until then, here's a teaser trailer! … 2038227097


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Waaay too much acid for my taste.

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Thanx for watching the teaser ^_^

It's true, the film's a bit crazy lol. My hope is that everyone can get a little something out of this and have a groovy time. Thanks for your post!