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I saw me some wilderbeasts lol

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I'm at work now and this AOL is slow as X-mas here so I will again wait to watch this when I get home on my fast ass DSL.:lol:

BTW, not to change teh subject but since you're on Africa.....I watched a 1 hour program the other night on PBS about Gustave(the real crocodile that Primeval was based on) and it showed real footage of it and it was fucking huge(pardon my french).:lol:

Gustave was like 18 to 21 feet long and had the largest mouth and teeth on a crocodile I have ever seen. They tried to capture it but they were unsuccessful but they showed Gustave wading in the water and on sandbars and it was huge. The documentry was filmed in 2004.

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I love watching the waterhole it's so peaceful.  And I so wanna see that doc Ripper.  I also need to see the movie.

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woa, i just saw a rhino. awesome!