Topic: Indie Horror Short: "Urine Trouble"

I found a flier for a short 7 minute Indie Horror film called "Urine Trouble"  There was an e-mail address to contact to buy the DVD.   I have yet to e-mail him, but it sounds like it could be worth a buck or two(we'll see how much he is charging for a 7 minute DVD)

Plot synopsis: Killer urinal cakes attack unsuspecting bathroom visitors.  Yup, you hear right. And from the picture on the flyer, the first thing that popped into my head was "The Killer Condom"

I found a great review for it online and makes me want to see this: … ouble.html
They actually say that Urine Trouble has "Speical Effects that would look at home in Fulci's Masterpieces."

Re: Indie Horror Short: "Urine Trouble"

I'd pay a couple of bucks for that DVD short. 7 minutes of killer urinal cakes sounds awesome man.