Topic: Minor League team to host "Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day

I may joke around a bit regarding this subject but I still am a big animal lover and think if all allegations are even half true they should throw Vick in jail and ban him from the NFL. … ;type=lgns

July 23, 2007
LONG BEACH, California (Ticker) - A minor league baseball has announced that on Sunday they will host "Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day."

The Long Beach Armada of Los Angeles of California of the United States of North America including Barrow, Alaska in the Independent Golden League are holding the event on the heels of Vick - the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons - being indicted on federal dogfighting charges.

Fans are invited to bring their dogs and sit in a special section at Blair Field.

Also, any fan who trades in a Michael Vick jersey will receive free admission to the game. The Armada also will destroy all Vick jerseys in protest to the inhumane treatment of animals.

Re: Minor League team to host "Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day

That guys a douche, they should feed him to the dogs he starved and trained to kill each other.