Topic: Screamfest & Zombiefriends Zombiewalk 2007 Orlando, Florida

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Screamfest Zombiewalk 2007

W/ Special Guest

Bill Hinzman (Night Of The Living Dead 1968)

Other guest yet to be determined.

When: October 19, 2007

Where: TGI Friday's Front Row - 8126 International Dr, Orlando - (407) 363-1414

What Time: 12 Noon- 5 PM

Zombie's need to arrive between 12-4 PM, Then we feast apon fridays until and then AT 3:30 PM WE reek mayhem through the streets of Orlando to Screamfest 2007

How Much: Free to Come but there is a $10.00 all you can eat Buffet Of Brains at Friday's for Screamfest Attendees.

Other Details:

Zombies come fully dressed in your zombie attire.

But if you don't have any make sure to wear some old clothes you don't mind getting bloody because we are bringing lots of gore. (I.E. We will supply makeup for those who don't have any).

We hope to see a huge turn out.

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Re: Screamfest & Zombiefriends Zombiewalk 2007 Orlando, Florida

Sounds cool! But it's during football season and I have season tickets every year to my University of Georgia Bulldogs so I guess I will have to miss this festival but I wish you luck in it.:cool:

Re: Screamfest & Zombiefriends Zombiewalk 2007 Orlando, Florida

Yeah, it sounds great, but I can't make it out to Orlando.

Re: Screamfest & Zombiefriends Zombiewalk 2007 Orlando, Florida


894 participants gathered at the Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh, which served as the set of the classic zombie film Dawn of the Dead, on October 29, 2006.

We are talking about less than 1000. 8000 attended Screamfest last year. It will double this year. That is less than 1/16 of the total attendance if Screamfest does 16,000.

Get To Infecting Zombies!!!!!

There is no question, we are going to beat the world record., spread the word. Go on myspace and blog, post bulletins, go to horror forums and post, I will contact Guiness World Records.

We are doing this no joke.

Don't take it lightly,  this is big, the real deal, Orlando will be infested with the dead. Walt Disney will rise from the dead and walk amongst us. Children and families will run in terror, with no place to hide.


Screamfest ZombieWalk 2007
World Largest Zombiewalk

Zombies In a line, a really long, scary, gory line

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