Topic: 1-18-08 Website Cracked!!!

See these two pictures? They come from a website with the address:

no significance you say?

well then, how about this... On the website (note the way its set out)
there are many photos (5 at last count..)

well go ahead and take the "We'll Miss You" photo of the guy taking a shot off a mate..

Now flip it over by shaking it hard n quick with your mouse..

It now says "Dont forget who takes care of you!  Love J"
Not much to it yer?
Well try this: take the 1st, the 8th and the 18th letters.. What do you get? d g s

Now lets hyphen them like the origianl website:

And the website? "Daemon's Glorious Serpent" gee, Daemon is looking an awful like Demon now, isnt it?

Add the more odd thing about all this? The website was actually created only just over 3 months ago!! See the connection?

Re: 1-18-08 Website Cracked!!!

That is quite an interesting coincidence.  One of many many that have surfaced since the 1-18-08 stuff has begun to take shape.  Does this mean much?  Not sure.  I know a Daemon is a British variatant of the word Demon.  Also a Daemon is a type of deity in classic mythologoy.  Daemon even has the definitions "an evil supernatural being" as well as "a person who is part mortal& part god".  Does any of this equate to 1-18-08?  Only time will tell.

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Re: 1-18-08 Website Cracked!!!

A daemon is also a term used in unix circles .... OMG Cloverfield is covering SCO suing the linux world ... you heard it here first tongue