Topic: Halo Short Film

Found this on Joblo.  Apparently shot to help the hype and promotion of HALO 3 (due out in September). 

We all know the HALO film that 20th Century Fox and Universal were both putting up money for and produced by Peter Jackson with effects done by WETA Workshop was canceled for apparently budget (apparently as high as $150million) as well as the choice of director, a South African VFX veteran named Neil Bloomkamp.  HALO would be his feature film debut, and we all know unless you have a rich daddy (Breck Eisner made his debut with the $160million dollar SAHARA, his dad is Michael Eisner of Disney), chances are studio heads will be hesitant. 

Here is the interesting bit, this short is actually directed by Bloomkamp and I have to say its pretty damn good:

And also check out Bloomkamp's short film ALIVE IN JOBURG, also very good.

Could really see him at the helm of a Halo film.

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