Topic: Chat room?

Is there a chat room for this site? If so where the heck is it? If not have you ever thought of making one?

Re: Chat room?

There is currently not a chat room around here.  it has been mentioned by many people as a good idea and Goon and Meh are doing all they can to make one.  They have a pretty good list of things they want to update on the site to make it better for all of us members, and a chat is high on that list because of the many requests.  However, since this is an independently ran website they can only do so much at a time.  So they are doing what they can to get one up and running, but it may take some time so just be patient while they try and get one going.  The suggestion is greatly appreciated though as Meh and Goon are always looking for ideas from forum members as to how to make the site more user friend or appealing to others. 

In the mean time, many people on here chat via AIM or Yahoo messenger.  Feel free to share your IM name if you have one and ask around for other peoples as well.  I know a few times we created an AIM chat with a bunch of forum people on it.  So for now instant messaging systems or sending private messages via this site are the best ways to talk with members currently.