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Theli wrote:

I think if I were to remove a figure from history it would be perhaps Archduke Ferdinand. Without his assassination World Wars one and two MAY have been avoided.

Good choice, sick bastard he was.

To answer the question been raised watching and listening to Disney movies and vynils so yes I have truely NO SHAME at all.


Her of course:


And lovely too Snow White...


But my favorite Disney Witch is Maleficent NO DOUBT!!! Damn the lady's freaking EVIL like H3LL!!! big_smile


EDIT, woops I forgot my favorite of them ALL, Fantasia. big_smile


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What about Ponyo?


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It is Miyazaki's eighth film for Ghibl so OF COURSE it's amazing like all Miyasaki's stuff. Sad he retired though... sad

http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/animator-ha … -1.1703878

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That's too bad...


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Yeah... Ah well, Oshii is still there so... big_smile

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Indeed! smile


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Man I forgot about Fantasia, I love that one too, just magical.

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Indeed! I was actually impressed with that movie as a little kid, and you must understand when I was little movies were no more than tools to battle boredom, but that one was just awesome.


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Man when I was a kid I watched Ghostbusters every single day. And Back to the Future probably every other day. I didn't need selection.

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Those and Star Wars (the original trilogy) were what got me interested in movies as more than just time-eaters, and from there I branched into Disney, into anime, action/sci-fi/horror, and just about anything Arthurian.


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Have you seen how they remade the brooms and mops dance [which is part of the bunch of my favorites of Fantasia] in Sorcerer's Apprentice??? Very well updated if you ask me. big_smile

Man that song, so damn wonderful!!!


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I did, yes, great scene. Went to the cinema with the Lady of Storms to see it, nice flick.


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The scene with his electrifying music was soooooo BADASS!!!

And man Teresa Palmer is quite a hottie. smile

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Not denyin' that, smile


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Am I the only one that just loves Dumbo???

When I was a kid, friends at school hated him. Poor little guy, he's extremely cool I think. smile


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My grandmother loves that one, used my Disney Movie Club member discount to get her the Dumbo 70th Anniversary Premium Collector's Edition at 50% off, made her really happy, smile


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Yup! For me, with Disney classics, it's not whether I like them or not, it's which ones I like more. They were all great back in the day.

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Joining the Disney Club gets you five movies for $5, which I do believe Canadian residents are eligible for. I know all of their contests, sweeps and such are, though now and then some of them are prohibited by Quebec though I dunno why.


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Theli wrote:

^Josef Mengele

Actually watching a documentary on Chanel D with Marc-ander Fucker. Sick fuck. TATTOOALY!!! roll

*kXnPunk moves his headZ left and right fast and non-stop... 0_o lol

But you get the point right???

Translate here: http://itools.com/tool/google-translate … translator


what's your favorite animal???

This thingy:


And then well THEM...

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The increasingly scare white tiger, in mythology, the dragon.

Same Q.


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Hard to say, I kinda like all of them. Maybe I'll immitate Alucard on this, on both accounts. I love tigers in general, but might as well make it a rare bad ass one, so Siberian tiger will be my favourite as well, maybe a fucking crow too. I love those guys, so smart and resilient.

But for mythological creatures dragons do hold a special place in my heart. The Hobbit was my favourite novel growing up, and Flight of Dragons my favourite movie, still is my second favourite.

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That's awesome!

The dragon is the one creature, mythological or not, that still has both powerful ties in modern culture, and has, in some form, been depicted in human civilization in every single area of the world and from the modern age to before humans became literate enough to start recording histories. Even cave illustrations from when humans were still primitive, grunting "cavemen".


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I can only assume a good reason for that must be misinterpreted fossils, and maybe even living reptiles, like komodo dragons or crocs and such. Still freaking cool nonetheless, I hadn't really heard that before, but it's not terribly surprising.

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I mean depictions of giant, fire/noxious breathing winged/serpentine monsters. Each region has its own depiction of their appearance, Asian dragons for example, are usually depicted as large, horned serpentine beasts with long 'whisker' extensions trailing from the sides of their heads, whereas European and American depictions of the dragon are more saurian in design, kind of like dinosaurs, but with large wings and fiery breath, Asian dragons' abilities tend to be elemental, rather than pure heat and fire, these are the two most commonly seen depictions, but there are others.


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I know of the chinese dragon and European dragons (biblical representations and such), but I'm more interested in pre-history. Like cave paintings. I don't think I have ever seen a dragon in a cave painting. Or from other cultures, what about Australian aborigines, or even native american aboriginals? The mayan had Quetzacoatl, which could easily be interpreted as a dragon, and they had no affiliation with European or Asiatic races prior to their demise (so far as I know).