Topic: Toronto After Dark Festival!

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is a five-night premier showcase of international thrilling cinema. The first annual festival takes place shortly before Halloween, October 20-24, 2006, in Toronto, Canada at the historic Bloor Cinema. The program features a diverse selection of feature-length and short films on the cutting edge, including acclaimed new Sci-fi, Horror, Action and Cult movies from Asia, Europe, and North America.

Apart from a single retrospective screening, all of the feature films are guaranteed to be Toronto premieres and in several cases, North American and Canadian premieres. Each year the festival will also support homegrown thrilling genre filmmakers by showcasing emerging Canadian talent, hosting a filmmaker panel, and awarding valuable prizes for the best locally produced films, as voted by a prestigious jury.

Toronto After Dark is a fan-run film festival led by a core team of experienced organizers who share a passion for new groundbreaking Sci-Fi, Horror and Action Cinema. The Festival is supported by an extensive community of volunteers, advisors, sponsors and partners.

Its not exaclty horror but it does have some horror in it. check out their official website,