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Brick is a film that came out in 2005 at Sundance.  It is a small independent movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt from 3rd Rock from the Sun.  It is the best modern day film noir I have ever seen.  A pure hardboiled detective story set in high school suburbia.  The dialog is smart and provocative, written like a Dashiell Hammett novel(he wrote the novels The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man).  It is a very stylish, in a way that is rarely done anymore, and was my favorite film for 2006(this is the year it found wide release).  The visual setting are incredible as director Rian Johnson said his influence was spaghetti westerns and Cowboy Bebop.  It's no wonder it took the special jury prize for Originality of Vision at Sundance 2005 because no other film out in the last few years has been anything like this. And it was all done with a budget of under $500,000.  It seems to be a film people love or hate, and most I found loved it.  Any body else see it?  If so what are your thoughts?

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I've seen it twice. On one hand, it's a troubling film to watch. On the other, you can't take your eyes off of it.  There's one shot in there of an execution-style shooting that has stuck with me since the first viewing. It had a very stylish way of presenting things that we've seen before, and made them fresh again.

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JamesZahn wrote:

I've seen it twice. On one hand, it's a troubling film to watch.

Why do you think it's troubling to watch?

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Well said James. I thought Brick was exceptional and quite gripping. A very well done indie film. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the kid from 3rd Rock) was great, imagine that.