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a little of the horror topic but you guys might be interested -skincarver

Cinema Blend reports that not only will Heath Ledger be back as The Joker for the inevitable third "Batman" film, but another famed character is coming with him.

As previously established by the filmmakers, Two-Face will serve as the main villain in the third Bat film and the transformation of Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) into the villain looks likely to take place late in events in "The Dark Knight."

Now comes this report that unlike many a Bat-villain before him, The Joker will apparently survive the events of "The Dark Knight" and will make an appearance in the third film (much like talk of Cillian Murphy's The Scarecrow from "Batman Begins" making an appearance in "The Dark Knight").

It also reports that hint of Catwoman will appear in "The Dark Knight" whilst the character will figure into the action in the third film. The script for the third film has yet to be written, though 'Knight' Jonah Nolan is already said to have done some preliminary work on it.

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I dont see this happening, its just a rumor if you ask me that has gotten out of control smile

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yeah i figured it was just a rumor since NO work has been made just yet on the writing but i figured what the hell post it since ive seen other batman pieces.

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