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did you know there are six books, seven coming out next year

Final Destination 1 : Dead Reckoning (i give this 7/10)
This novel takes place in Los Angeles, following the lead character, Jess Golden, who is the lead singer in a band called The Vipers. While performing at a local nightclub, Club Kitty, things begin to go wrong as the roof begins to cave in. Girders fall into the audience and on the stage, setting everyone in the club into panic. As everyone attempts to scramble from the doomed club, girders, chunks of the roof, glass, and band equipment all become weapons of death, taking down everyone in gruesome ways. But as one last chunk of roof drops down on Jess Golden, she blinks, and realizes that nothing of the sort has happened yet. She is still on stage performing one of the band's songs, the way they were when the first girder fell. As she freaks out, she gets herself and a few others kicked out of the club, leading to much argument outside in the alley. Seconds later, the entire club caves in, right next to the few survivors who were kicked outside. Realizing they've cheated Death thanks to Jess, they each feel different emotions towards her and the accident. Had she really had a 'premonition'? Or was she responsible for the club collapsing in the first place? Before she can prove herself innocent, the survivors begin to die, one-by-one in horrific and painful accidents. Soon enough, Jess realizes that Death refuses to take no for an answer.

Final Destination 2 : Destination Zero (i give this 9/10 )
This novel takes place in Los Angeles, following the lead character, Patti Fuller, who works at a magazine called Borderlands Control. While boarding the South Hill Metroline with her boyfriend, Patti is suddenly caught up in an explosion on board the car she's in. Fire destroys everyone inside her car in an instant, but in an odd twist of fate, Patti realizes that she and her boyfriend, as well as a few others, have yet to board the doomed car of the Metroline. Patti begins to make a scene, blocking these few people from getting on board, and soon enough, it pays off. The stranded few begin to argue with her as the Metroline leaves the station, but seconds later, a horrible explosion is heard as a bomb goes off on the Metroline. Patti knows that what she experienced was more than a lucky dream, and as she slowly figures out that she, like countless in the past, has had a premonition, the few survivors begin to die in gory ways. Patti and her boyfriend Will become desperate to find a way to remove their names from "Death's List" in time, and while researching, Patti learns that her great-grandmother, Juliet Collins, also cheated death once, saving many from a house fire. As Patti slowly figures out how her great-grandmother cheated death for good, time becomes strained as her and Will's name end up at the top of the list.

Final Destination3 : End of the Line  9/10
This novel takes place in New York, following a group of exchange students from around the world. The lead characters, Danny and Louise King, a pair or twins, also take part in the exchange program. While sneaking around at a closed amusement park, Danny has a horrific vision of the group of students on a subway that crashes. Spooked, Danny tries to shake the bad dream off, but the next day, he finds the group in the same position as they were in his vision, and realizes that they are on a doomed subway train. The train stops for no apparent reason, as it had in his vision, and as he tries to convince everyone to get off the train, another train is heard speeding up behind them. The group of exchange students, as well as their guide and another old man finally pull open the doors and scramble out into the subway tunnel and begin running to the front of the train. A sudden collision is suddenly heard, as Danny's gory vision plays out in real life. The group of survivors have cheated the Grim Reaper, but soon enough, Danny realizes that Death won't stop until they're all dead, each by terrible accidents. A mysterious nurse, Kate Shelley, also becomes mixed up in the events, leading to a dark and terrible truth.

Final Destination 4 : Dead Man's Hand  (i give this 5/10)
This novel takes place in Las Vegas, following five different characters: two newlyweds, a detective, a dancer, and a low-life who loves to gamble. Each has his or own unique story that continues to plague them with difficult events that ultimately lead up to their doomed trip in a glass elevator in one the tallest buildings in Las Vegas. As the elevator begins its descent, one of the characters, Allie Goodwin-Gaines, has a horrible premonition, in gruesome detail, that the huge glass elevator is going to begin to dislodge from its set rails before plummeting 200 stories down to the street, killing too many to count. Allie suddenly realizes she's still on board the elevator, and that it has yet to careen down to the streets below. In a panic, she and her husband, along with the other three, manage to escape the elevator. As the detective begins asking Allie questions, they all look down in time to witness the elevator falling from its railings, exploding into the cement 200 stories below. Allie becomes a prime suspect, and is thought to be a possible terrorist, but soon enough, all the other survivors begin to die in a horrific fashion. Allie and her husband Tom soon begin to think about what to do while under the careful eye of the FBI.

Final Destination 5: Looks Could Kill (i give this book 10/10. 100% great book)
This novel takes place in New York, following a group of models and a photographer. While attending a yacht party, one of the models, Sherry, has an unholy vision that the boat will explode, killing everyone onboard. In a panic, she manages to convince a few of her friends to stay off the boat as it leaves. As the accident plays out, a fiery chunk of debris lands on Sherry, putting her into a month-long coma and horribly scarring her body. When she awakes, she discovers that modeling will no longer be an option, and she discovers just how thoughtless her friends are when they give her a mask to hide her burned face. As she attempts to take her own life, she is stopped by Death itself, who offers to repair her burns in exchange for her services- he wants her to open the doors needed to kill the remaining survivors of the boat wreck in accidents. As each survivor dies, Sherry's scars slowly begin to heal, leaving Sherry feeling cold and evil. Is evil more than skin deep?

Final Destination 6 : Death of the Senses (not out in the UK)
One snowy night, homeless man Jack Curtis has a vision predicting the deaths of several people. He saves young policewoman Amy Tom from a psychopath, killing him in self-defence. The psychopath, however, was set to go out on a killing spree, and now six other people, all young, successful and famous figures in New York City, have been kept alive against Death’s wishes. But Death will not be denied his prize. Jack and Amy find that they are faced with a rising body count as they try to find and save the other victims who have been marked for death before it’s too late.

Final Destination: Wipeout
This novel takes place in Hawaii, following two eager gothic surfers names Ravyn Blackthorne and Kim Rachelle. While at a beach party, Ravyn has an ominous premonition that a private plane will crash into the beach, killing several people. She manages to save herself, Kim, and a few ohers such as fisherman named Karl Windsor, A man on vacation named Brett O'Connel, a young women named Drew Perkin, teenage boy named Bobby Fraider, the boys girlfriend named Mandy Robertson, and a average joe named Corey Micheals from the accident, but soon enough, a soldier by the name of Corbin Wainright hears about Ravyn’s premonition. Having cheated death once himself after escaping an ambush in Afghanistan that killed his entire squad, Corbin knows the price that must be paid, and starts working down his hit list.

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I had no idea that there was a Final Destination book, or seven for that matter. One or two of the books might be worth picking up, but I think the same concept and basic plot would get boring much more quickly than it would as a movie.

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Sounds like I will have to pick up #5 at least. I like the movies and you can be way more graphic in books so they might be good.

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Final Destination 5: Looks Could Kill
i am half away in this book loving it, sherry so bloodly evil 
i loving the death are wicked 
other peolpe then the main person find out that death is after them
i like that
and (it's real gory)

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Re: have read Final Destination: Dead Reckoning (not movies)

Final Destination 5: Looks Could Kill
was best book out of 5  10/10

Final Destination3 : End of the Line - 9/10
a Other great books with shocking twist you never she coming.

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i wish they some these for next movie, i like idea for 4 movie to to be 3rd book or 5th books
they borth diffrent of the rest of books and the movies

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Death of the Senses and Wipeout were cancelled.  Some sites report that they will be out in 2010, but my correspondence with the publishing company Black Flame, these books are canceled indefinitely.  But i recommend getting the first 5 books, i have them and their are faves are End of the Line and If Looks Could Kill

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End of the Line and If Looks Could Kill
those are my fav ones as well