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I'm stepping out of the house with the boy to pick up a birthday present for a friend... and I find a package on the porch. 

I'm thinking, Ah, Measle (a buddy of mine from CRITICAL MESS) got around to shipping out the action figures he owes me.  But NOooooo.  'Twasn't from the spotted one... Twas from my friend in LA,  Dave.

"Quit paying me for the freelance stuff before I get a chance to do it, darn it!" I think to myself.  But that doesn't stop me from plopping back down on the couch, and seeing what's inside. 

I split the tape, and open up the box... inside is an Assault Dalek and a Damaged Cyberman... the Doctor Who SDCC exclusives from this year.

"Well that's cool," I say, making a resoultion to move the work I'm doing for him up in the freelance queue.  Then I see that that's not the ONLY thing in the box.

Along one side of the is a small package with red gift wrap colorfully imprinted with the words "Happy Birthday." 

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  I had all but forgotten in the rush that tomorrow is my birthday.

I open the package, and breathlessly exclaim the title of this thread.

Anyone wanna take a guess?

Yup.  After 23 years of waiting, I finally own a Blue Devil figure. 

You see, Blue Devil is my all-time favorite superhero.  A stuntman and Special Effects genius (think Savini, only taller) gets trapped in a Blue Devil suit of his own creation when he's forced to use fight a real demon who has captured the leading lady of the film he's working on.  Kenner promised that we'd see a Blue Devil figure in their SUPER POWERS collection.  It never happened.

They've just released a figure of him as part of the Justice League Unlimited series, but it's über rare.    My friend in LA found one, and shipped him off straight to me.

Honestly I don't care that I'm not having a party, or whatever else I get or don't get.  For now, I'm happy.

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Pimpin man.. You sure look geeked out in that picture man.. heh.. I've never read many DC comics but Blue Devil sounds like a pretty bad ass hero.. Happy Birthday!

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Unfortunately the computer I am at wont load any pictures from photobucket or myspace.  DOnt know why it's just those two but it is.  So despite not having the picture, I can only assume it's you excited with you new Blue Devil fig.  Enjoy it and happy early birthday!  The big 40 right?  Or is it 39?

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congrats man. thats good that u have that now. im not much into action figures anymore. but happy b-day man.

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Happy Birthday Mirthman!!! spoilt rotten you are tongue
I play with the assault Dalek in the comic store..EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE..LOL
enjoy, enjoy big_smile

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Thats awesome for you man, you got yourself a little Blue Devil dude ... happy birthday.