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Empire Records

One of my favorites.  My brother and I celebrate Rex Manning day!


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More cool on TV now.

D.E.B.S. [2004] rewatch

Oh that movie is such a freaking BLAST. Hey normal, Jordanna HOT AS MAD Brewster with Devon KICK ASS Aoki. What a freaking great time I'm having rewatching it. I'm glad, been a while I haven't got my DVD out. TV fixes that. lol


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Pain and Gain (2013).  Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie and Dwayne Johnson star as a trio of bodybuilders who execute a kidnapping plot and force a billionaire to sign over his entire estate to them.  Despite some strong performances and all the material you could ask for to make a Fargo-like jet-black comedy and excellent performances by all involved, Michael Bay's usual all style/no substance approach sucks the life right out of it.  Too bad.  In a better (read: more subtle, less pretentious) director's hands, this could have been a real winner.  5/10


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SCARY MOVIE 4 [2006] rewatch

I like these ones. Well of course, I'm a BIG FAN of Anna Farris so.
And Bill Pullman is pretty funny in this. Fun one to rewatch for a million times like I did. big_smile

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We're The Millers (2013)

I thought this was hilarious. Jennifer Aniston still looks hot for her age and she has a rockin' body for a stripper in this movie. Also I've loved Jason Sudeikis since his movie Horrible Bosses and I think he's a great comedic actor. It was a great laugh.


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Olympus has Fallen (2013)
Fairly good.  If you know anything about the Secret Service or military, you'll need to ignore some of the dumb things they do (wouldn't be a very long movie if it was accurate).

I give it a feisty 7/10.


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Woah man what a weird and cool one this was. Spectacular performances by Pitt, Penn and the lovely Jessica Chastain. Story was great and got me pretty hooked. A very nice one to finish the night with.


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JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS [2001] rewatch for I don't have enough hair to count the times I did, yeah I DIG THIS ONE. big_smile

Yes one of the best comedies for me EVER and it's got an insanely great Punk Rock soundtrack that rules. Donnas and more which is great. AND there's one of the girls I find the most beautiful ever, the gorgeous Rachel Leigh Cook damn this chick is HOT. The one that steals the show though is Tara Reid, she's Freaking HILARIOUSLY FUNNY!!! Damn from beginning to end she makes me laugh like mad. WHen she sings in the shower and drops the soap... lol

And BTW, the songs they plays, they play them for real, they had to learn how to play with the help of a dude from I don't remember which Punk band. Think it's Blink 182 but not 100% sure. WHatever they did a great job.

Got one on my You Tube page so here, enjoy that great song.

Josie And The Pussycats-3 Small Words

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I got my 31 new blu rays in the mail yesterday and am starting on my new Bond 50 box set kicking off with what else but:

Dr. No!!!!  For being 50 years old, it looks so amazing on Blu Ray.


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Pretty damn cool war prisoners one this is. Bale is just great in it and the plan they have to escape is damn wild. Cool images too. Very fun watch. smile


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Great film.  Chadwick Boseman (Robinson) and Harrison Ford (the team owner) were excellent.  I wish it went a little longer, to the end of the season, but oh well.



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Still gotta watch this one. It's on BADASS already so it won't take long. Maybe.


Man what a Demon King of cinema that Quentin dude is. Everything is so badass.
I like his thing with the chapters. Cool.
This one is not only full of very talented peeps like Waltz and Pitt that do incredible jobs, so do the lovely Mélanie and Diane. Also Buddy Eli that does the craziest character of them all but the freaking kick ass Tarentino dialogs are mad. EXTREMELY mad. And very enjoyable. Every word is fantastic and fits perfectly...

Loved when Emmanuelle [wonder why I love that name Hahaha] after Zöller asks her what her name was: You want to see my papers??? And then after You're finished with my papers??? Nice. Very.

Crazy ass team really. And the dude doing Hitler man, so perfect it's funny what he say. He made the craziest bastard in the history a funny guy.


Hats off Sir.

That deserve a 666 rating without any doubt.


And I'd put more but I think it's enough. lol

Still have to see one from him I don't like.
Probably NEVER gonna happen though...

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Freaking H3LL the way my dear Alison Lohman [which was pretty young then]  plays in this is out of this Universe totally. The way she drives her Astrid character is beyong reality. She made me cry, suffer, be happy, be wondering, be amazed and a whole damn bunch of other things like these. WOOOW!!!

Pfeiffer is her mom. She gets in jail for the murder of her bf. Astrid gets dragged from foster home to foster home. Until she meets Renée Zellweger that decided to grab her at her place.

Renée [Claire] asks her what's the most beautiful momenr of your life??? Right now she says...

Then Claire she dies after she meets her mom. Still having tears running down when I think of that scene. HEARTBREAKING. Like crazy. sad

Awww man. From beginning to end this thing is just so POWERFUL it's insane.

Oh yeah, she draws and very well too. She meets a dude at school which is an artist too. And a very cool relation begins. He draws too and also well.

Ah BTW Pfeiffer is also a badass artist.

She goes often to visit her and Ingrid [miss Pfeiffer] writes her. The damn things she says to her are just brutal. But they still love each others.


At the end when the artist guy her bf, Paul played wonderfully by Patrick Fugit a face we know are up to N-Y, she receives a letter after like 6 months with a 7 pages newspaper article about her work and she says:

The picture is her standing in her cell, the bars in her back. Beautiful, Dangerous ...

Finishes with her saying I love my mom... Fade to black, credits bye bye. Woah what a trip. One of the best drama I've seen litterally.

Astrid: You look at me mother and you don't like what you see. But this is the price... the price of belonging to you.

Ingrid: You don't go anywhere until I let you go.

Astrid: Then let me go.

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2 Guns


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Definitely my favorite of them all. Everything is freaking badass in it. But ESPECIALLY the freaking Joker. He did a wonderful job portraying him really. He's MALEFICIENT like no other. I loved when he presses the button of the bombs the look he's got when it doesn't work is damn cool. Totally WTF??? lol
And man, what a terrific explosion.

Oh and I DIG the Bat Bike.


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Kick-Ass 2: If you've read the comics, the movie pretty much follows it. A good movie and worth the price of admission. 7.5/10

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I CAN'T freaking wait to see it. Really looking forward to it. H3LL yes. big_smile


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Oh yeah man. I love this one although my favorite is Termainator 3.
Why??? Kristanna Lokken. H3LL yeah. big_smile
But the first is still pretty good. It started it all...

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Full Metal Jacket
Love Never Dies (Sequel to Phantom of the Opera)


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Been on a Tarantino kick lately.  Over the last several days I've watched True Romance (his script, though he didn't direct), Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, Kill Bill, and right now I'm watching Kill Bill volume 2.


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Varsity Blues


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Kick-Ass 2.  Enh.

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LoudLon wrote:

Kick-Ass 2.  Enh.

I'm protesting it because Jim Carrey is a douchbag.


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floridapossum wrote:
LoudLon wrote:

Kick-Ass 2.  Enh.

I'm protesting it because Jim Carrey is a douchbag.



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