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Religulous (2008) - Probably my all-time favorite documentary film. Bill Maher is a hoot.

That's My Boy (2012) - Worth a watch just for some crude laughs. It's very stupid at times, but pretty funny. But it's an Adam Sandler a pretty much know what you're getting.


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Gross and Nielsen = TOTAL HILARITY!!! Damn that was an insanely funny one really, I ROFTLMFAO from beginning to end. That's weird because earlier, I watched a documentary about Nielsen and bam, that came up. Really weird. O_O


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Ahhh what beautiful shots this one has. Very nice acting although it doen't have much dialog. BUT THE SOUDTRACK MAN!!! Just fantastic. Ahhh I love Classical Music. smile

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Night at The Museum
Never seen this one before and it was pretty funny, sometimes it's nice to have a bit of very easily watchable fluff on the TV big_smile I loved the monkey!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
It was okay, I liked the concept and some of the scenes were really cool but it didn't have the emotional pull of the animated films I like best lol

Wreck It Ralph
I LOVED this one! I love retro games and gaming in general and the references were spot on in this. Also it definitely tugged at my heartstrings. It was quality


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My favorite Night At The Museum is the second, OF COURSE, it's got Amy Adams playing my favorite plane pilot ever, the awesome Amelia Earhart. smile

Was impressed by Cloudy either, like stuff like Wall-E and Monsters Inc. NOT to mention all Burton's stuf so.


HELL RIDE [2008] rewatch

What best could you get than motorbikes, gun shootings, naked boobs, Vinnie Jones, Denis Hopper, Michael Madsen and Eric Balfour really??? Not much... Dig it totally freaking awesome one. SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T AND DO IT NOW YOU HEAR ME??? lol

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KillerBees wrote:

I've tried Search and looked through past pages unable to find another exact thread as this one.

Olympus Has Fallen

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Oh, okay. The search is kind of funky. I tried a few different 'keywords' and didn't find it.
I'll thank you just the same! big_smile

Olympus Has Fallen


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Yeah the search is lame in here. Here's the trick:

Goggle what you want and add forums at the end. BAM you've got what you were looking for. Doing this all the time and NEVER use the forum's crap search. big_smile


Damn there's not only amazing Horror ones from this year but Mainstream too. KICK ASS FILM YEAR IT IS!!! big_smile

I'm a sucker for funny and touching Teenage Dramas and Comedies like this one is. Lucy Hale is a girl I truely LOOOOOOVE like mad in Pretty Little Liars and she's amazing in this. Man she's got amaxing expressions. Loved this film to the highest point. Damn now I gotta buy the DVD, screw you TV for showing me all this cool stuff. Mwahahaha lol

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TANGO & CASH [1989] rewatch

Stallone and Russel with guns. 'Nuff said.

Classic... smile


Cheesy but EXTREMELY good nonetheless. Actors do a decent job, story is cool although a bit no so well written but hey, I said it was cheesy didn't I??? lol

The girls in this are phenomenaly cute especially MyAnna ohhh damn Buring burning hot so I can take it. Hahaha big_smile

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STOMP THE YARD [2007] rewatch

Damn I dig these Rap/Hip Hop Dance flicks. And the story in this one is insanely great.

I like the idea of these to always fight agaisnt another crew. Makes some badass Dance competitions and I dig watching Dancing. Yeah I like Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. Surprising you say??? Nope I'm from the 80s where Break Dance was born on one side and Madonna on the other. lol

So yes I love to Dance too. Even when I Slam, I got the Pop vibe going. big_smile

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The Wolverine (2013).  Enh.  At 138 minutes it's about a half hour too long.  Jackman's at his most buff -- seriously, the dude's never been so friggin' ripped -- but the story is bland despite being unnecessarily complicated and there's about two too many climactic battles.  Starts off interestingly enough but quickly goes scattershot.  For die-hard Wolverine fans only.


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Different from Wolverine: Origins film?  I saw some of the Wolverine ads, but I couldn't get a time placement from them.


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Still haven't watched this either. BUT I WILL!!!
I dig X-Men since way back then.


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You should check out the Wolverine: Origins film.  It has a bunch of guys not in the X-Men films, plus the origin of DeadPool.


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No, not the X-Men Origins: Wolverine flick.  This one came out this past summer.  Wolverine goes to Japan, loses his ability to heal for a while but then gets it back in time to fight a bunch of ninjas and a dude who in the comics was a mutant samurai with the ability to charge his sword with energy, but in this movie is just a crusty old dude in a suit of armor. 

As I said.  Enh.


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Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.


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azathoth wrote:

You should check out the Wolverine: Origins film.  It has a bunch of guys not in the X-Men films, plus the origin of DeadPool.

I did, what do you think??? lol

THE PRESTIGE [2006] rewatch

Man what an truely fantastic one this is. Nolan directs so it's great, he's a talented dude. And man, WHAT A CAST, MY YUMMY LIKE MAD Scarlett Johasson, Michael Caine which is so damn good in this, Hugh Jackman, awesome, Piper Perabo sweet, Rebecca Hall which I first discovered in Vicky Cristina Barcelona by Allen and that is just over the top in what she does and finally, Christian Bale. H3LL, there's even fucking BOWIE in this,

Story of a magician back in the days extremenly well written.

TEMINATOR 4 [2009] rewatch

Gotta admit that to me the best Terminator movies are the #3 OF COURSE HEY, NAKED KRISTANNA LOKEN and this last one. Yeah I like the first 2 ones too mind you but never as much as the last ones. Why??? Because the Terminator's version are much more badass in the recent ones. So there. tongue

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^^^ The thing that gets me about The Prestige, despite it's hugely intriguing storyline, is the fact that -- SPOILER ALERT -- the "trick" Jackman uses is actually self-defeating.  When he falls into the water tank he's killed and replaced by a clone, who then goes on to repeat the trick, drown, and be replaced by another clone, and on and on and on.  But see, the REAL Jackman character died the first time he did the trick, so he has no way of knowing if it actually worked or not.  And since HE has no way of knowing if it worked or not, then neither will any of his future clones.

They CAN'T know.  They will NEVER know.  It would be impossible for them to know.  So how can they possibly know to continue doing the trick?  And after years of doing the trick, wouldn't someone have noticed that the Jackman character they believe they're seeing hasn't aged a single day?  Because the first clone was created during the first time Jackman does the trick, then each subsequent clone will be of the original clone, and will appear to be the same age. 

I gotta say, Christopher Nolan is a clever filmmaker, but when you apply a little logic, a lot of his movies fall apart -- especially the ones where he explores the concept of memory, such as Memento, The Prestige and Inception.  Memento is the only one of these three movies that actually works logically, and personally?  I'm guessing that's probably because he didn't write it. lol


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VERY TRUE bro. But I don't bother with that stuff to tell you the truth, I base myself much more on the performance than the story and damn in this they ALL are freaking fantastic. And yeah, in Inception there is a few weird things but still is one of my favorite movies. But ohhh man MEMENTO is such a GREAT one, I'm a HUGE Carrie-Ann Moss fan so. But yes, I admit the logic in this one was better, probably because he didn't write it indeed. Movies about memory and time change must be incredibly hard to do though, so many facts to look after. Or before. lol

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Carrie Ann Moss is a damn fine looking woman, yo.  Colbie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother (another Canadian actress, as it happens) reminds me a lot of Moss.

Anyway, mind you I'm not intending to diss Nolan as a filmmaker.  As a director he's phenomenal; he has a very cinematic eye and really knows how to stage a scene and tell a visual story.  There's absolutely no denying that.  And while a lot of his films aren't exactly based on sound logic, they're still mighty entertaining.  And I absolutely LOVE Memento -- one of my all-time favorite movies (non-horror, of course lol ).  And I did enjoy The Prestige (like you, mostly for the performances) and I thought Inception was great, too, and have watched ti several times.  It really is a good flick, and worthy of the praise it gets -- so long as you don't think too much about it. lol


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True she reminds me a lot of her too. smile

Hahaha you know what, when I watch a movie, all the thinking and logic are thrown of of my place wuth a good kick in the ass. Hahaha lol

But yeah, man, Memento is such a freaking masterpiece, one of my all times non-Horror favorites too. And I have the VHS version so I truely cherish the thing. smile


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NEW IN TOWN [2009]

Another great one from this MARVELOUS year. Zellwager is such an amazing actress, she NEVER fails and is brilliant in this one like always. Very funny and touching story. I love the relation she has with Harry Connick Jr. who plays Ted, a dad which lost his wife and as a strange relation with his daughter which changes little by little because of Renée's character, Lucy.

Very sweet little movie, great for a SINday morning I think. smile

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Paranoia (2013)

It was alright, I suppose. Liam Hemsworth though... (drool)

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The Book Of Eli
Denzel and Mila did an excellent job! Great movie. smile


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Oh I LOOOVE THIS ONE!!! Wonderful everything. smile

ENVY [2004]

Man, what an awesome one this is. With that crazy badass cast it couldn't be any different. Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Christopher Walken, Rachel Weisz and sexy as H3LL Amy Poehler. HILARIOUS!!! "Mobil gas in your ass..." lol