Topic: 3 New Left 4 Dead Clips

A long time ago I told you about the new co-op zombie game that is using the Half Life 2 engine. Well now we have added 3 New Left 4 Dead Clips to TerrorFeed!
If you have not played Half Life 2 you seriously need to hide in shame. The engine is INTE...

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Re: 3 New Left 4 Dead Clips

GOD DAMN in the infamous words of hudson in aliens "game over man game over now what the fuck are we gonna do" thats a lot of zombies and they dont sunday stroll to the player like "romeros".not also the lighting as you will need a flashlight in this game (damn no batteries and zombies creeping about).and did everybody see that undead tank running at them ? THAT is a.t.t.s.y.p.- appropriate time to shit your pants.