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Oracle Pictures, Blue Brick Productions and actor/director Sid Haig are delighted to announce Sid’s feature film directorial debut!
The film, entitled Last Door, has already been in pre-production for several weeks, and Sid will be joining the team on Friday, October 5th.
With principal photography slated to begin on October 15th, Sid and the team are working hard nailing down cast and crew for this incredible story.

Last Door is the remarkable account of a family's battle to save their son from a secret society. Based on actual events, this supernatural psychological thriller unfolds the story of a troubled teen's reunion with his father.
The boy's aberrant behavior leads his father to the shocking revelation of his son's horrific abuse suffered at the hands of his own mother.

After a couple of false alarms, Sid is deeply grateful for this opportunity to direct a feature and excited to begin work on the film.

He says, “It’s such a pleasure to be able to work with people who display the degree of professionalism such as those at Oracle and Blue Brick do. I’m so looking forward to the 5th, so that I can finally work as a director on a feature film; especially one that resonates so deeply with me. The fact that it is based on true events makes it even more intriguing."

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i swaer this has been discussed.. good update Wolph!

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i havent seen a thread on this before, but it does sound good cool