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We just added a brand new trailer for Special Dead to TerrorFeed courtesy of community member JMH who is a huge fan of the film and has been keeping us up to date on it for months. Special Dead hits DVD This october. L...

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Good stuff!  I can't wait to get my copy, I've been waiting forever it feels like.  The new trailer is pretty cool, made me laugh too. 

"That was bad ass"...."God Damn Zombies" lol

**Side note: For some reasons I cant seem to get any terrorfeed videos to work.  Dont know if it is just my computer or something else, but if you cant get it to work and wanna view the trailer, go here:  **

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Glad the trailer is up, thanks everyone. The terrorfeed trailers are not playing on mine as well. Started last night for me.

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they work just fine for me in FireFox and IE, try now and see if it works.

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It appears to be good to go now.  Dont know what happened, but it works now and thats all that matters.

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By Greg Hansen

Larrs (THE CONVENT) Jackson, Jay Brubaker, Gia (PREMONITIONS) Natale, Amy (MOTHER GHOST) Wade, David (HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES) Reynolds, Carl (DAY OF THE DEAD 2: CONTAGIUM) Storm

Directed By Thomas L. Phillips and Sean Simmons

Written by Jared Tweedie

“Sometimes Heroes Ride the Short Bus.�

I know, I know. I’m going to tell you about a zombie film that takes place at a Special Ed camp. I’m going to tell you about some un-“PC�  comedy. I’m going to tell you about an independent film that, at first glance, might seem like a slew of other independent zombie films. But trust me on this…

We start off with a pair of hikers who come across a screen-door in the middle of nowhere (well, a few miles from Camp Special Dude anyway). This screen-door apparently is the only barrier to a pool of spring water that apparently creates zombies (it’s happened before in this area). One of the hikers has Tourette's syndrome and, yes, he becomes the world’s first zombie with said affliction. Trust me folks it only gets funnier from here.

Camp Special Dude is a camp for special people. Yes. One of them wears a helmet. Yes. One of them keeps glue and Popsicle sticks in his fanny-pack for “projects� . No. Most of the counselors don’t want to be there. But, see, bored counselors means sex. Right? Exactly.

Luckily this particular camp is run by one “Snuff�  Stone (Larrs Jackson) who’s been through a zombie outbreak before. Because all Hell’s about to break loose. His son nunchuk-wielding son and wheelchair-bound daughter, with the help of a very out of place hoodlum, must fight their way off the mountain and try to save the campers in the process.

“You ever ridden on a zombie horse before, son? I have. It ain’t fun.�

The situation and dialogue are what set THE SPECIAL DEAD apart. Jared Tweedie threw caution to the wind and brought us some damn funny stuff here. There’s a little song one of the counselors sings at the campfire just before the zombies arrive that is truly wrong.

It works. THE SPECIAL DEAD is the funniest horror film I’ve seen since SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Seriously. Just sit back, suspend your “Defense O’ Meter�  and enjoy the show!


New Review...THE SPECIAL DEAD by UndeadFilms
Posted by Ryan1 on March 18, 2006

Check It Out

Thursday night I was lucky enough to view The Special Dead, the new zombie comedy film by Thomas Phillips and Sean Simmons. What can I say? The Special Dead is a great movie. The story takes place at a summer camp for ''Special'' boys and girls. The camp in owned by a hardass old dude with a 12 gauge shotgun and he runs the camp with his wheelchair bound retarded daughter Dale and his nun chuck twirling badass son Mac, plus a few staff members. There is one problem about this camp and the area around it, the water is tainted and turns people into flesh eating zombies. The owner of the camp knows this (that’s why he got the land so damn cheap) so when things start to get strange he knows whets up, then he takes up into arms with the other camp members to fight the zombie horde off into the night.

The Special Dead has some great acting including horror vet Larrs Jackson (The Convent and also just finished up a film with UF's very own SixStrangSmoker). The gore is great in this film; it’s a gorehounds wet dream! There are nude girls in it also! What a great recipe for a horror movie. Yes this film doesn't hold back. The Special Dead also has some firsts in this film.
So when The Special Dead comes out go and fucking see it!

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another kickass trailer. i wanna see this movie so much

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wow this looks really cool!

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Kill The Firstborn wrote:

another kickass trailer. i wanna see this movie so much

Thanks man for the kick ass words. Can't wait to hear what you think about it.


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