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I own the original releases of Frankenstein, and The Wolf Man.  AND I own the Legacy Collections of F, D and the WM.  AND I'm going to pick up the 75th anniversary of F & D. I also DOuble Dipped on the first two Alien flicks. My wife doubledipped on Mary Poppins and West Side Story.  But I passed on the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars Double Dips. 

So yeah, if the movie's special enough yeah.

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I answered "no" because I have yet to double dip.  I guess I'm very opinionated, but I truly despise the studios for forcing so many hands.  I usually wait 6 months or longer, before I buy a new DVD.  I'm also patient.  If I haven't heard anything about a superior release by then, I'll go ahead and put the movie I want on my to buy list.  No movie is worth a double dip to me.  I still have many movies on my list.  I figure I'll get to 'em when I get to 'em.

Fortunately I no longer have to worry about buying anything produced or distributed by the Weinsteins.  Nor am I in any hurry to purchase anything from the WB (I don't like paying more then 20 dollars for a DVD, since I truly know how cheap they are to produce, and I don't like the "bare-bones" editions either); case in point Batman may have fallen somewhat in the third act, but I really liked that film.  Despite that, I have yet to purchase it.  I don't appreciate that of all the companies distributing DVD's, they are the only ones who release two versions of the same movie at once.  Especially since as far as I'm concerned, the "special edition" Batman Begins was comparable to special editions of movies released by every other company, but at a much higher price point. Besides, if I recall correctly, wasn't it the WB that unleashed snapper cases upon the world?

I'm also fortunate in that I won't purchase anything produced by Disney(despite liking Atlantis and The Emperor's New Groove alot) because I disapprove of their "Disney Vault" hard sell tactics.  I know that it's now limited to 10 of the most popular Disney cartoons of all time, rather then all of them(which was the initial plan)but ultimately these are kid cartoons.  Sorry kids, your parents only have 6 months to buy this cartoon, before we recall all of the movies that are left and place them in our vault for 10 years.  Yeah, kid friendly...sure.  (I don't count Pixar releases through Cars since Pixar had no say in the decision process.  They do now, though, so we'll see what happens.

I've grown weary of "special editions", "ultimate editions", "director's cut" editions(especially those that add 15 seconds of footage and call it good)and of course the "ultimate, ultimate, we really mean it this time" editions.

I have yet to buy Army of Darkness (one of my favorite movies) on DVD, because I can't decide which edition I like the best.  Like I said...patient...or maybe it's stubborness....or perhaps I like to think of myself as being careful with my hard earned dollars.  I'll probably double dip on Night Of The Living Dead, as I finally broke down and bought it for a dollar as part of a two movie DVD (along with Fangs Of The Living Dead) at the dollar store.  But again, I have to do some research to figure out which one of the many versions in release is the best.  I also haven't bought either of the Kill Bill editions, and now it's likely I won't ever do it.  Again, I like the movie.

I know that all businesses are in it to make a buck.  I understand that.  But I don't like the naked cash grabs.

I appreciated the Lord Of The Rings, and while I didn't purchase the original release and waited instead for all three special editions to come out as a boxed set, I didn't mind so much that so many people purchased the initial release as there was plenty of forewarning. I think Peter Jackson was fair in announcing immediately that extended versions would be available just in time for the holiday season, followed by a boxed set of all three, nearly a year after the third movie was released.  Basically, it came down to choices with me.  I was able to make an informed decision as a consumer.  It's about loyalty.  If a business can show that they have some loyalty to the consumer, then I'll show loyalty to the business.

There are simply too many movies on my must buy list for me to worry about the few that I just won't purchase.  And who knows, perhaps by the time I actually manage to purchase Army Of Darkness, they may just have a "super dooper deluxe trooper boomstick edition, director's cut".  So my patient or stubborn wait will be worth it.

Sorry guys and dolls, I guess I just like to rant.  I stick to my guns, I guess.  I'm still trying to figure out if this is a good quality or not. I bet you can all just feel the love.  wink

Short answer:  No, I do not double dip.  Oh, and to hell with the WB, Disney, and the Weinsteins.  wink

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I have yet to DD, because like sMart I have a lot of movies on my list and a limited amount of cash.  I really like extras so if it is a movie I really want to get into I will wait until there is a super version out before I jump.  I will buy an original and a remake if both versions are good though I don't think this is considered a DD.  I do have a lot of movies that are on VHS that I need to get on DVD too such as Event Horizion.  I too get pissed off at the studios for adding an extra commentary and 15 seconds of new footage and upping the price on the DVD.

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Good post sMart, and when that "super dooper deluxe trooper boomstick edition, director's cut" of Army of Darkness comes out it, I will get it and it will be sitting beside my other 2 versions of Army of Darkness smile