Topic: OOC:Rules regarding Rp's and collaborative stories

So, You want to partake/start a roleplay or story here on Horror-Movies, huh? Well before you can do so, theres a few rules you should read:

1. When starting a new RP/Story collab, state in the title whether it is a roleplay or a story collab.
2.When roleplaying you can't have the power to kill other players or write something such as this, "I slammed my fist into Jerry's face and his head exploded like a ripe watermelon." That's called Godmodding and that won't be tolerated.
3.Certain story collabs may have a certain cut off date in which forum members can sign up to partcipate. If you missed that date, well, too bad. You can't jump in and start posting chapters if you missed the cut off.
4.Try to use proper grammar and spelling when it comes to posting.
5.You don't have to be meticously detailed in your roleplay posts, but it would be nice if you could give readers and players an clear understanding of your characters current situation.
6.Finally, please try to stray from any arguement or flame wars. We're here to have fun. If you have a problem with another player then come to me or one of the other Roleplaying mods.

That should be it. As long as we all play nicely, no other rules should be needed. So get on the boards and have yourself a horrificly fun time(yep, that's as corny as it gets).