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Pout face right there, tongue


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Another cool show is beginning now. I like these a lot.
And no NOT because of boobs this one. lol

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Watched the first episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time, andDracula tonight, along with the new Helix, some Beavis and Butt-Head, That 70's Show, Family Guy and South Park


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Wow, a very filled night full of great stuff buddy. Aside Family Crap that is. big_smile

PENNY DREADFUL is gonna be such an amazing blast, trailer is totally WILD!!!


Eva Green baby!!!


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I started season 7 of Psych after having to download it because it's not on any of my subscription services...Hulu doesnt have latest season, Netflix doesn't have latest season, Comcast Streampix (5 bux a month) doesn't have 7.  All have season 1-6 and some have the first 2 of season 8...but not 7.  Ugh.  I hate downloading something I'm willing to pay for.  I'll ahve to go buy the DVD this week.


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True Detective, this so is really well done and I am really enjoying it

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ESPN Sportscenter


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Man I was so pissed when it got off. Such an amazing series based on the Batman world AND WITH THE ABSOLUTELY SUBLIME Ashley Scott.

An incredibly cool show really...


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DEAD LIKE ME Season 1 1-5

Such a wonderful one this is, Ellen Muth is just insanely brilliant. Such a great story about a girl that dies and has to suck people's lives out. Very funny too and well shot.


One very cool morning show this is. Hilarious and man Kelly's a hottie. smile


Damn this lady has such a fun show going on, I like how she does eveything, so damn funny. lol


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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 episodes 7-20


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DEAD LIKE ME Season 1 Episodes 6-12

Now on to Season 2... Man what a funny cool show. big_smile


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Bill Gates was on and it's just recently that I like the guy more. Been 20 years HATING the fucker as a Pro-Apple like MAD but since I pilot a PC now I kinda respect the dude much more. Windows is still way much more stupid than Mac but once you decide NOT to try and understand it which is truthfully USELESS well you get used to it. smile

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I never understood why people have a hard time figuring out technology.  Computers, windows, mac, smart phones...it's like..everything is so self explanatory.  don't know how to use a blu ray player...hit fucking play, lol. 

I'm restarting watching Psych on Netflix as I finished earlier today.


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20 years of a very user friendly OS going to one that is far from it does that to you. lol

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oh i was referencing old people.  my parents and my wife's parents are technology retarded.  It's like...everything is labeled (buttons on a keyboard, remote controls, etc..).  I don't see how liking a Windows pc makes you a fan of bill gates.  he's a super cool dude and very charitable.  I judge rich people based on what they do with their money.  Stephen King is my favorite rich person.  Bill Gates is up there.  I very much want an Apple computer.  I never complain about price as I'm that guy who will buy only the top brands, etc...but with that, we're talking about a 1500 dollar DIFFERENCE between the comparable macbook to the laptop i just bought two weeks ago for 430 bucks.  I really only just do basic internet (here, a few other forums, twitter, facebook) and then school online.  There's nothing I need that would put that money in justification.  However, I have an iphone 5.  It's my second iphone and i'll never, ever, ever, ever buy anything else.  Apple really spoils its customers.  Steve Jobs was a good man for charity, too and has his employees (even now that he's gone) do mandatory community service and donations.  Really respectable.


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Yeah I admire peeps like these too. They do a bunch of ca$h but spread it around to people in need which is VERY respectable.

Jobs was great with his employees, yes, but there's been a time where he was extremely violent at them during the Macintosh VS Apple fight but luckily it all fixed itself. I wouldn't replace any of my 5 Macs, for a Graphic artist and musician like I am, nothing will ever beat the quality or these bastards...


Best morning show ever. Funny like everyday it is. HILARIOUS even. big_smile


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How I Met Your Mother season 6 episodes 21-24


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Latest episode of Face Off.  It was one of those episodes where the judges gushed over a couple of the final challenge make-ups but I didn't think any of them worked.  Just wait 'til I'm a director.  There will be no pleasing me. lol

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Ahhh man Sofiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


"There's a black cloud and then you... DESTROY IT!!!"
And boom she blasts the dude. Girl's badass. big_smile


Damn what an insanely cool show this is. Been following since the start and lemme tell you, season 2 is even more crazy cool than the first. YAY!!!

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Psych and the Red Wings vs BLackhawks hockey game


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Man, man, man, what a cool show.
OF COURSE, Hayden GORGEOUS HOT SEXY Panettiere is in it so can't not like it. smile


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How I Met Your Mother Season 7 episodes 1-5

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Supernatural season 7 ep 1-4.
More tonight.