Topic: MST3K Originals Are Back?!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 started as a public access show and is now listed as one of the 100 top tv shows ever by TIME.  Now Joel, Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstein and some others have come togather (under a new name) to give us some more fun!

We’re very busy writing and doing preproduction right now – so the website is tiny, but the big thing right now is to sign up for the newsletter so we can keep you informed about the fine movie riffing we’ve got planned for you. We’ve licensed our first title and are working at a brisk pace to get it delivered in time for Christmas! So you can give it as a gift to one of your sly friends or a loved one. Or you yourself can watch over the holidays to fight off that strange malaise that always seems to happen. Our first release is at this time a total secret, however – I’m willing to say it makes “Manos the Hands of Fate"  look like “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians"  in a car wreck with “Eegah!"  with notes of peach.

Here's the link:

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That would rule!

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Sounds cool to me too.:cool:

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This definitely sounds awesome as hell. I definitely can't wait for damn sure if this is true.