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There has been alot of backlash on our site as of late over the Miss HorrorFest contest. Its also not just fan backlash either, there are contestants also jumping on the band wagon of 'Who chose Miss HorrorFest?'. Its not anyone trying to undermine...

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Thanks Meh.  As you stated like it or not here are the rules.  We got the one thing we really wanted - an actual response...

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Thank you After Dark for at least making the attempt.  We really do appreciate it.

I still have two nagging questions.  Maybe we can get a supplement?

1.) What were the criteria used to determine the four finalists from the semi finalists?

2.) Double checking: Only votes for the four finalists count at this point?

I can appreciate a brand such as Horrorfest having the final say on who they want to represent them. It makes good business sense. I just want to know what they felt made a good Miss Horrorfest. (and yes, why certain girls didn't make the cut.  The Morbids were ADORABLE! wink)

  I'm sure that ladies (and Goon tongue) might like to know what they're gonna be looking for for next year.

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I cant answer those questions MIrth but i will see if we can pass em along. I hope that I was some help on getting answers on the issue.

I know AfterDark read ALL your posts and was very interested in what you had to say. Its pretty rare that anyone gives a shit what fans think so the fact they really cared says alot. I wont be surprised if in the coming days the rules are made more clear on the youtube page.

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As long as they realize we're not basement dwellers on questionable websites.  At least not all of us, and certainly not here. cool

And we cared too.  That's why we called foul when we saw something potentially shady.

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yeah i dont think they were talking about any of you when the "questionable websites" comment was made. Your quite right in what you say. If you didnt care it would be a much bigger issue since then you also would be voting and the whole thing would be a bust.

I think the folks at AfterDark are VERY much in tune with you guys and realize that if they piss you off they will be SOL for future contests.

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Mirthquake wrote:

As long as they realize we're not basement dwellers on questionable websites.

True true.  I am in the attic! lol

Seriously, I hope this is used for future planning purposes.  When things start to go awry, (delay on webisodes, extension of voting, etc - also don't assume that everyone knows what "go to YouTube and vote" really means) published updates would go a long way in keeping the communication with the fan base open.  Even 1 + 1 X 6 / 2 + 3 - 5 can still equal 2, it just depends on where you place your ( ).  And if 6 doesn't exist and everyone assumes it does, point it out and explain why.

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Katatonic you have a good outlook. I like that you argue a point but are willing to see the other side. Not many folks do that.

You and mirthquake opened my eyes to how the rules really work and frankly next year I think there needs to be changes. Not to how the contest is run as much as making sure we all understand the rules. Since alot of us wrongly thought our votes had the say when in fact they did not.

It really does make sense to. Could you imagine if some complete MORON got the most votes and AfterDark had to take them around for a year as Miss HorrorFest and put up with them as their spokesperson? I mean im totally going out on a limb with it but I would want the 'we have some say' clause for that reason if it was my contest.

I love Shannon Lark, and we supported her big time and she is one person I wish the votes DID count for but for whatever reason it didnt. Its a shame and a loss to After Dark. I voted for Shannon and I know alot of the readers here did to... and more then once.

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Just a couple of interesting thoughts....

I'm not so sure that the voters counted for choosing the four finalists as AD suggested....they announced the finalists on Oct. 25th. They posted the first youtube webisode introducing the eight semi-finalists on Nov. 1st. with confusion as to where to vote. Also, youtube fans were only allowed to chose 2 semi-finalists.

And they state in the rules how the girls will be chosen, and it has nothing to do with the youtube fans.
The Contest is under the supervision of Sponsor, whose decisions on matters relating to the Contest and determination of the Semi-Finalists, Finalists, and Winner shall be final.

Except...that was taken from the first set of rules, since it now seems there are two sets of rules...the one that I first read when entering:
And the revised set that was linked to in the article:

And this was taken from the second set...although I also saw it in the first set...And as for modifying the rules....that must mean this statement:
"If in the judgment of Sponsor, the Contest is compromised by virus, bugs, non-authorized human intervention or other causes beyond the control of Sponsor, which corrupts the administration, security, fairness or proper play of the Contest, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion to discontinue, suspend, terminate or modify the Contest." "beyond the control of the sponser" must have been why they decided to modify the contest, because they started running late at the first LA audition.

I could be wrong on all this legal mumbo-jumbo...not a lawyer. But just pointing out some interesting things that has me confused. Maybe someone could help shed a little light on this...

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gdracon wrote:

Also, youtube fans were only allowed to chose 2 semi-finalists.

Actually three.  Shannon, Chieko and Nixon were all the You Tube semi finalists.  The other 4 (or five) were from the Auditions. Malice from Dallas smile, Sara from New York, Countess from Chicago, and the Morbids from LA.

But the point is taken. wink

I suppose the question is which set of rules were first?  One said 4 from youtube, the other said 1-3. 

(Helps to date these so people are playing by the most recent revisions)

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Agreeing with Mirth, we still don't know how the winner will be chosen. At this point, I don't think we're going to get any answers.

Although it's arguable the SG girls aren't actually employees (which they are hired and paid money for photo shoots, so call me crazy but that sounds like an employee), the sponsor (Suicide Girls, the company not the girls) has a final say in the winner. That means they can choose Nixon which would in turn do a lot for their company, and is a conflict of interest.

Thank you to Courtney for responding, and thank you Meh for looking into it all. I still wish we knew how to vote for the winner!!! Why is this so hard to get an answer to...

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Yep, your right, my bad...3. But I've never seen the
set of rules before the link in the article...and I've referenced the other one often, since the start of the contest.  So I would say the above referenced link is the newest revised version of their official rules.

I also like how it says
"as described in these Official Rules and in accordance with the Sponsor's privacy policy at: "
and I'll be damned if I can find a privacy policy or a set of rules now on their site (they did have a link to this set of rules before and during the first stage of the contest). I know have to get to the rules thru old postings.

But yep, my bad...3 from youtube votes.

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This may be slightly off subject, but in considering the complaint is communication in general, has anyone else noticed the lack of response on their own forum? Even concerning individual film schedules and show times (and of course, Miss Horrorfest voting).  There seemed to be slightly more Mod responses earlier on, but now that it is a couple of days away the natives seem restless.  Isn't it normal for the Mod to either respond or direct posters to relevent sites?


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i honestly dont frequent or read their site.. but its an interesting observation.