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Holy crap I never thought I would read this movie is good. here is a snippet of's review.

Just when I thought "The Fast and the Furious" movie franchise was stretching for ideas, "Tokyo Drift" flew right past my low expectations and ran them right off the road. I couldn't be more surprised by how much I enjoyed the nonstop action, the killer chase scenes, and the eye-candy for the action fan who has a special weakness for cars.

Ever since the advent of cars, there has been street racing, and ever since the 50s made it popular movie material accelerated by hormonally-charged adrenaline, it's been a very cool on-screen rush. "The Fast and the Furious" exploded by bringing that back and doing it right, and now the third in the series, "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" proves that no one does street racing better.

Directed by Justin Lin, a fairly new name from Taipei, Taiwan on the rise in Hollywood with movies like "Annapolis" and "Better Luck Tomorrow" to lead him to "Tokyo Drift." The movie stars Lucas Black ("Jarhead," "Cold Mountain," and "The X-Files: Fight the Future") as Sean the trailer trash cowboy, Bow Wow as Black's only friend at a his new school in Japan, and newcomer Nathalie Kelley as Neela the Australian girl swept away by one of the big boys in Tokyo only to find herself drifting away from him as he drifts into more dangerous territory. One of the best characters is the nonchalant and easygoing mentor Han played by Sung Kang who has had roles in "Pearl Harbor," Lin's "Better Luck Tomorrow" (as another character named Han), and the TV shows "The Shield" and "Monk."

You can read the rest here. … hp?id=2112 There are 2 very positive reviews from people who i would have thought would have hated it.

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I am actually seeing this tonight (god bless buy one get one free for a movie you can't select) so I do hope it's better.

I absolutely HATE chav culture though, which entails everythign about this movie, I can't wait to see the stupid middle class kids in the audience pretendiong to be "from the ghetto".

Awesome times.

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I thought it was interesting that they show Vin Diesel in the preview leading you to believe he is in the most of the movie, not just a cameo. Stupid marketing.

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Fascinating I honestly had no idea he was in the trailer. I have not watched it. He has a cameo?  I wonder what the deal is on the cameo.

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As some closure, he appears right at the end for a race.

Saw the film, got bored by it...the races were too long and boring, I couldn't believe the l;ead was supposed to be "just before his godamn 18th birthday" (amongst other actors ages), but overall it was better than the second one, worse than the first.

5/10 - more for hip hop fans or kids who want to know what's "cool".

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i haven't seen the movie

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I'd let it lie for a bit and rent it out on it's arrival to DVD.

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actally vin diesel was supposed to be returning in the second but didnt like the pay so they didnt cast him then a while back he was gong to tokyo and he turned it down

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I think he didn't do the second one due to it's script...nah, but really yeah, he turned that oppertunity down for some reason, probably for the better.

Not really a fan of the series myself though.


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as much as the reviews have been really good on this movie from some good critics on MoviesOnline I am not gonna see this movie. Just doesnt interest me.