Topic: Full Moon's Puppet Master Box Set

Full Moon apparently has found a 'lost' supply of their out of print Puppet Master box sets. They go on sale today, (Monday October 23rd.) at 12:00pm for $100 each.

I used to goto the video store every weekend and rent Full Moon horror flicks, (back in the VHS days). They churn out some good B quality horror, (just look at their latest release 'Evil Bong') !

Re: Full Moon's Puppet Master Box Set

Yea I use to love Full Moon.. When I was little I practically grew up with Puppet Master and Demonic Toys.. I'm not sure if I would be willing to shell out $100 for a Puppet Master box set though.. Plus the time is Noon Pacific Time just so everyone knows..

Re: Full Moon's Puppet Master Box Set

I picked one up during the last sale when they found some. It's not a bad idea if you want to pick one up just to resell if nothing else.