Topic: The bottom ones

We have a thread about the best ones, how about the worse of the worst!

Anaconda (1 & 2)
Bazén (Swimming pool, a german movie pretending to be like scream)
Las Lloronas (Mexican one)
Thirteen ghosts
The Eye
A Nightmare on Elm Street saga (I know, I've seen them all, but admit it! they are bad!) as well as Friday the 13th and Jaws...
The hills have eyes
Hostel (yeh, you read good, Hostel, a good story spoiled with weak characters and pretending to be just-too-gore-to-be-truth...)

And I'll se what comes to my mind later...

Re: The bottom ones

The worst one:

-Day of the Dead 2: Contagium - I came, I saw the world's first screener, saw the world's worst response.
-Raiders of the Living Dead - our own Meh "recomended" this to me, I like watching crap movies, and this was golden. Cheerio!
-Nightmare on Elm Street 3 onwards - cheesy, in a bad way, a spoof of itself.
-Thirteen Ghosts REMAKE - I loved the old Thirteen Ghosts, a family oriented black and white traditional film (I think that my review is on site), saw the remake, thought "Hosue on Haunted Hill rip off."

And a few mentions not for being bad...but for letting me down:
-Hostel (I agree, sort of) - I saw ALL the good horror scenes in the mini trailers. Nothing esle great was shown in the film, bad advertising on my mark, I felt ripped off, if I melded all the trailers together I'd have what the film was about.

-Land of the Dead - I loved this when it came out...I loved it, as I watched it more, I got mroe letdown, and before people start claiming "You aren't marking it properly! You're marking it against what you think it should be!" I'm not, I just realised how rushed and conflicting it was. Went from 1 8/10 to a 5/10. Sorry George, but the zombie onslaught and trying to feel sorry for them was poor, and the politics, no need.

Re: The bottom ones

Day of the Dead 2 Contagium
Raiders of the Dead (yep i reccomended it oh my god is it bad.. muhahaah)

Re: The bottom ones

Blood Sucking Freaks.
House of the Dead

Re: The bottom ones

Stay away from:

House of the dead 2
Nightmare in Elm Street (dont know which one thought but it was a boring, boring movie).

Re: The bottom ones

House of the Dead
Day of the Dead 2
An American Haunting
Exorcist 2

Re: The bottom ones

Stay away from

The Blair Witch Project
Exorcist 2
Satanic Rites of Dracula

Re: The bottom ones

House of the Dead

Zombie(You may not believe it, but i was so dissapointed watching this movie that I felt like punching everyone who told me it was good. Damnit fulci!Gore and special effects don't make up for dry dialogue and bad acting!)

Return of the Living Dead 5(4 was bearable)

Return of the Living Dead 3

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Re: The bottom ones

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake
The Fog remake
When A stranger Calls remake
House of the Dead
Resident Evil 2
All of Wes Craven's movies (besides ANOES, THHE, TPUTS, TSATR)
I know what you did last summer series
The Grudge
Mick Garris' The Shining
The Amytyville Horror remake
Jason X
Day of the Dead 2
Hell of the Living Dead
Cry Wolf
An American Haunting
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
House on Haunted Hill remake
House of Wax remake
Alone in the Dark remake
All the Jaws sequels
Silent Hill
Cannibal Ferox
An American Werewolf in Paris
Beyond the Walls of Sleep

Re: The bottom ones

Hostel . Expected more than it delivered.
Saw. Sorry guys the end totally blew it for me.
Junk. Would agree with a lot of people about this one. It turned out to be a bit of a borish comedy. An attempt at Romero by the Japanese but fails in execution.
Salems Lot sequel. This is the worst of the lot kinda takes the H out of horror. Socially conscious vampires..and the point is?