Topic: Saw IV: too much like "C.S.I"?

I can't help but to feel like the last film was too much like a big gory "C.S.I" episode than it was a true "Saw" movie. Thoughts?

Re: Saw IV: too much like "C.S.I"?

i agree with jam... thought the movie was bad and i also thought itb was a bit too confusing, with the whole movie flashback thing. it was hard to make sense of it. but the traps were pretty cool... i remember seeing the knife trap photots before it came out... and i thouhgt it was going top be something very different

Re: Saw IV: too much like "C.S.I"?

I disagree, I liked saw 4.  I take it as pretty much a transition movie.  I dont think they are trying to be stand alone films but more of an episode in one another.  I dont think they planned that from the start, but it just kinda happened.  Kind of an annual saw event type thing.

But i will agree with the csi comment.  It does kind of play into that doesnt it?  So long as they don't turn into a spoof of itself, I'll keep watching.