Topic: Keeping your MorgueSpace neat

As you know, I've been fiddling about with my MorgueSpace to see what can be done.

Here are a few tips so that you don't end up making a "MySpace" disaster out of it. If you do, there is always the reset button or you can delete the code you added so don't panic!

1. Sizing images

a) Your background image should really be no larger than your screen resolution. Most people have their desktop set to 1024 x 768 and that works out well as a good size for your background wallpaper too.

b) The "Horrific Story of" section holds a YouTube video perfectly. YouTube videos are usually 425 pixels in width. If you keep any images you put into that section to 425 or less you will avoid stretching the box and causing an additional horizontal scrollbar to appear at the bottom of your browser. Banners are often 468 across and these will stretch your profile so it may be wise to resize them if you want to keep things neat.

c) You can add an image to the "Fav Horror Scene" but I suggest that you choose one with a width no bigger than 190 pixels to avoid stretching that section badly too.

2. Widgets and Applets

a) All the usual "myspace" widgets and applet codes will work. You can add YouTube videos, RockYou or Slide photo galleries and all that other good stuff. cool

b) Remember though that "less is more" and, if you put too many on, some people with older computers may have a hard time viewing your profile. People with dial-up connections may not manage to view your profile at all.

c) Some combinations of widgets may crash your browser. A good rule of thumb is to have no more than three widgets per screen. Some do not load until you scroll down to them and so it's best to put those "slow loaders" at the bottom.

d) If you want a music player, I suggest using one from Loudfusion or Myflashfetish. They are very simple to set up and they have some very interesting designs.

3. Wrapping text round images

a) If you don't want to have everything just "one after another" all down your page you can wrap text round images like this:

<img src="whatever.jpg" align="right" hspace="5" vspace="5" alt="image name" border="0">Then type your text here immediately after it and end everything with <br>

You can align your images "left" or "right" and also "valign" them if you so choose, but let's not get too fussy here. smile

b) If you are using the "pimping" codes to set your backgrounds etc., do not use the <p> tags to adjust your text and graphics. Just use <center> rather than <p align="center"> or you may find that your text and images aren't showing correctly.

4. If in doubt...

a) Don't do it. sad Only kidding. smile

b) Leave a message on this forum and somebody will answer your question.

Now stop reading this and GET PIMPING! big_smile

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