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This asian horror movie sensation was originally made back in 1997 and made a theatrical August 3, 2001 but only was a limited release and then it was released on DVD not until 2003. This movie will literally mess with your head and enough twistedness that goes into with each victim, that you want more. For those who have never either heard nor seen it, you have no clue what you are missing. This is why i'm introducing this movie to everyone and will thoroughly enjoy it. It's more of a psychological horror than anything. It's not a complete splatter fest nor deals with torture. It's the tension between each character effected by the madness and the whole psychological well-being that can bring out an amazing horror movie.

Set in and around a bleak, decaying Tokyo, a series of murders have been committed by average, ordinary people who claim to have had no control over their horrifying actions. Following the only link—a mysterious stranger who had brief contact with each perpetrator/victim—detective Kenichi Takabe places his own sanity on the line as he tries to end the wave of inexplicable terror.



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Cure is in my top 4 favorite Asian horror movies.  Absolutely love it.  Best crime/horror film since Seven

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Oh god yes. Same here. Just everything about that movie makes it so damn awesome as hell. It's one of those movies that you start watching it and it draws you in and you can't stop watching it.